Belle Delphine: The story of a school dropout turned Internet star

Belle Delphine, Image via Belle Delphine
Belle Delphine, Image via Belle Delphine
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One of the most polarizing personalities on the Internet today is Belle Delphine. The 20-year-old from South Africa has made a name for herself through a variety of controversial ways. Of course, her biggest claim to fame is selling "Gamer Girl Bath Water" over the Internet. While many were confused about this promotion, the products did sell out at an alarming pace.

Since that bit of promotion, Delphine has almost become a household name. However, many still wonder how this Internet star got to be where she is today. Boasting millions of followers on social media platforms, today we look at how Belle Delphine, real name Mary-Belle Kirschner, became Belle Delphine: Internet sensation.

Belle Delphine and her rise to fame

Starting out, Belle Delphine didn't seem to know what to do with her life. At age 14, she dropped out of Priestlands School in the UK. With no education to fall back on, she took a wide variety of odd jobs like waitressing, nannying, etc. This didn't last too long though, as Delphine then started modeling.

She eventually found herself as a cosplay model who also occasionally uploaded to YouTube. Some of her earliest content was make-up tutorials and tours of her bedroom. However, occasional videos and cosplaying didn't seem to be paying the bills, so Delphine started a Patreon where she took a more... outlandish approach to online content.

Essentially, the content involved suggestive photos and videos for anyone who subscribed to her Patreon account. At one point, the channel amassed nearly 1,200 Patrons thanks to content Delphine was creating.

From here on out, the United Kingdom-based personality stuck to suggestive content as her way of making money. Over time, she evolved this by creating several social media accounts and began posting regularly. Instagram, Twitter, and Patreon were here platforms of choice and began to amass quite the following. However, it was her infamous "Ahegao" faces that gave her some notoriety in the online community.

With this face, a booming Patreon account, and a rapidly growing Instagram, it seemed nothing could stop Belle Delphine. Even Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg made a couple of videos solely about the influencer, which boosted her popularity even more. However, just when it seemed like Delphine was at the top, she began selling "Gamer Girl Bath Water".

It's just like it sounds. Supposedly, Belle Delphine took a bath, bottled up the water, and began selling that bottled water to consumers for $30. What seemed like a stunt at first blossomed into a viral Internet story. Every news outlet in the world picked up the news and it skyrocketed Delphine to new heights.

This didn't last long, though, as the 20 year-old soon after disappeared from the Internet. For several months, no one knew where the former star went. A mug shot surfaced that looked like her but it wasn't definitive enough. Then, on June 17, she made her triumphant return with a new music video on YouTube.

A video titled 'I am back' uploaded on Delphine's YouTube channel marked the return of internet's infamous cosplayer.

After the video went live, Delphine announced that she made an OnlyFans account, which is very similar to Patreon. The account has an exuberant amount of suggestive photos and videos which is what fans have come to expect out of the British model.

Currently, Belle Delphine is still running the OnlyFans account and posting to Instagram and Twitter regularly. Is this all she will do for the time being, or is another big stunt on the horizon?

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