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Best ADS sensitivity in PUBG Mobile season 13

  • Best Aim Down Sight settings for PUBG Mobile players.
  • The players should not copy the exact settings and tweak them according to their preferences.
Modified 05 Jun 2020, 13:21 IST
Best ADS settings in PUBG Mobile (Picture Courtesy: Joriya Gaming/YT)
Best ADS settings in PUBG Mobile (Picture Courtesy: Joriya Gaming/YT)

Every player dreams of reaching the pinnacle of PUBG Mobile. Players have to find the perfect sensitivity for themselves to reach the higher tiers of the game. Recoil control is the biggest hindrance which stops the players from becoming better at this battle royale game. Poor recoil is usually due to poor ADS sensitivity settings.

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What is ADS Sensitivity settings?

ADS stands for Aim Down Sight. It determines to what extent the players will have control over the recoil of the gun. These settings are one of the most important sensitivity settings in the game. These settings matter when the player is shooting and dragging the crosshair to check for the recoil of the weapon using their thumb.

Best ADS Sensitivity Settings in PUBG Mobile

Aim Down Sight Settings
Aim Down Sight Settings

3rd Person No scope: 98%

1st Person No scope: 89%

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 60%


2x Scope: 41%

3x Scope: 31%

4x Scope: 26%

6x Scope: 20%

8x Scope: 13%

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Copying the sensitivity settings of others could prove catastrophic since this is usually a matter of personal preference. Players are advised to take the sensitivity mentioned above as a baseline and tweak them according to their preferences. The players need to go to the training room to find the perfect sensitivity for themselves. 

The device being used is also a determining factor for the sensitivity. 

Other sensitivity settings

Camera sensitivity (free look) 

This sensitivity is used for the eye; the players usually use it to protect their back while in motion. Players can leave this as default.

Camera Settings

These settings affect the movement of the camera angle. Having the camera sensitivity on the extreme ends is not advisable, as it could prove to be a hindrance in switching between the multiple targets.

Published 05 Jun 2020, 13:21 IST
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