5 best card packs in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

There are different packs in EA FC 24 (Image via FIFPlay)
There are different packs in EA FC 24 (Image via FIFPlay)

EA FC 24's Ultimate Team journey might have just started for players following the early access on September 22, 2023, but there are plenty of different packs they can open. Packs in Ultimate Teams vary from some cheap options to extremely expensive ones. While the more expensive packs tend to offer better cards, the additional cost could be problematic for most of the player base.

This list features the five best packs that you can open in EA FC 24. These options aren't promo packs, which means you'll be able to get them throughout the year. While some of them will appear in the store occasionally, you can also obtain them for free by completing different tasks in Ultimate Team.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer. The packs are listed in no particular order.

5 packs you must open in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

1) Preview Pack

Cost: 7,500 coins


The Preview Pack in EA FC 24 can't be obtained by completing any task, and you can buy it only once every 24 hours. Typically, the odds for this pack are nothing worth writing about, but it offers a benefit that's not available elsewhere.

You can check the contents of the Preview Pack. Once the contents are visible, you'll have 24 hours to buy the pack using either 7,500 coins or 150 FC points.

While the Preview Pack might not offer amazing odds, the ability to see what you get before spending any resource is extremely beneficial. Players have been known to find amazing items in the pack repeatedly, so it is a great one to open on a daily basis.

2) Mega Pack

Cost: 35,000 coins


The Mega Pack's valuation is lower only because it returns both player items and consumables, and not all of them are Rare.

However, you get 30 different items from opening each pack, out of which 18 are Rare. All 30 items, whether player items or consumables, will be of Golden quality. The pack also comes with the guarantee of a minimum overall applicable on at least one player card.

This is the most basic variant of the Mega Pack that is routinely added to the in-game store. While you won't find it in the store yet, you can obtain it from some of the foundation SBCs. This pack is perfect to open during the beginning of a new season, as the cards will get you all ready for your new Ultimate Team journey.

3) Rare Players Pack

Cost: 50,000 coins


The amount of content you get from the Rare Players Pack is limited. You will get 12 player cards by opening this pack, but there's a guarantee that one of them will be rated 83 or higher. Moreover, all 12 cards will be of the Rare Gold variety, which tends to be the most valuable player items you can possibly find in the game.

You can earn several Rare Players Packs in EA FC 24 by completing different objectives and challenges. Additionally, completing the Milestone Moments will give you enough stars to get a tradeable Rare Players Pack for free from the seasonal store.

4) Rare Mega Pack

Cost: 55,000 coins


The Rare Mega Pack is a better option than the default variant, and it comes with far better offerings. The total number of items you receive from opening it remains the same, and the 30 cards will vary between footballers and consumables. However, all 30 items from this pack will be Golden and Rare in nature.

You can find a few of these packs in EA FC 24 in advanced objectives. Unlocking them won't be easy and will take a while. However, the potential rewards could be worth your effort.

5) Jumbo Rare Players Pack

Cost: 100,000


If you're looking to find great cards for your Ultimate Team in EA FC 24, this is the pack to open. The Jumbo Rare Players Pack comes with 24 players, with all of them being Rare Gold items. There's also a guarantee for at least one item to be rated 84 or higher.

This is not only one of the best packs to open in EA FC 24, but it is also worth holding on to if a new promo is coming. It contains the best statistical odds when it comes to getting special footballer cards.

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