Is the Rare Mega Pack in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team worth it?

The Rare Mega pack is one of the best packs in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
The Rare Mega pack is one of the best packs in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

The Rare Mega Pack is currently amongst the most valuable and coveted packs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. In a game mode that revolves around opening packs and obtaining players for your squad, it is definitely one of the most desirable commodities in the game.

FIFA 23 is the talk of the town in the footballing world, with the latest installment of the iconic simulation series being released worldwide recently. Fans have already begun their FIFA Ultimate Team journey and as the most popular game mode in the franchise, it attracts a large number of beginners every year.

In such a scenario, it is necessary for newbies to know how to invest their time and coins to optimize their experience in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. This includes Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), player purchases, as well as which packs to open.

The Rare Mega pack offers good value for the coin investment in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The Rare Mega Pack has a coin value of 55,000 FIFA Ultimate Team coins in the FUT store and is also referred to as a 55k pack. It is amongst the most expensive packs in the game, eclipsed only by the Jumbo Rare Players Pack (100k) and the Ultimate Pack (125k).

What does this pack consist of?


The Rare Mega Pack consists of 30 items in FIFA Ultimate Team. All of these items will be rare gold versions and will be a mix of players, cosmetics, club items, and consumables such as contracts. The cosmetics include items such as stadium embellishments and goal celebrations, while club items include managers, badges, and kits.

Where can players obtain Rare Mega Packs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Since FIFA 23 is still in the initial stages of its game cycle, EA Sports have been rather judicious with the packs they have made available in the store for fans to purchase. However, gamers can still get their hands on a 55k pack through gameplay and SBCs.

In terms of SBCs, Advanced SBCs are ideal for players to build their club in the early days of the game. These SBCs offer enticing pack rewards, with the League and Nations Hybrid SBC awarding fans with a Rare Mega Pack as the group reward. The Around the World segment of Hybrid Nations SBC also offers a similar reward upon completion.


In terms of gameplay, fans can have their pick when it comes to the game modes they want to indulge in. FIFA 23 offers more avenues than ever to earn coins and pack rewards in FUT. Gamers can compete in competitions such as Squad Battles, Division Rivals, FUT Drafts, and FUT Champions to earn rewards and then upgrade their squads.


While FUT Champions, FUT Draft, and Division Rivals are online competitions for more seasoned FIFA players, newbies and beginners can learn the mechanics of the game by playing against AI-controlled opponents in Squad Battles. FUT Draft also has an offline mode, but the rewards are not worth the time and coin investment required to participate in that particular tournament.

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