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Best ICR-1 loadout in COD Mobile

(Image Credit: Zillion Gamer)
(Image Credit: Zillion Gamer)
Modified 21 Oct 2020, 04:40 IST

The ICR-1 in COD Mobile is an assault rifle that is fairly versatile, but still a bit more specialized than the typical assault rifle. It's damage is lower than most of the other assault rifles in the game, as well as range. However, it excels in mobility, fire rate, and accuracy.

That isn't to say that the ICR-1 can't be used in some medium to long range engagements, but that isn't the best way to utilise it. Close to medium range is where the ICR-1 is going to really shine in COD Mobile. With the right attachments to go along, the ICR-1 can serve as an assault rifle and smg hybrid.

Best ICR-1 loadout in COD Mobile


(Image Credit: Activision)
(Image Credit: Activision)

YKM Combat Stock

The main point of this ICR-1 build is to enhance what the weapon already does best in COD Mobile, which is close quarters engagements, with the option for some medium range fights. Winning close quarters fights will come down to who can aim faster a lot of the time, unless the class is made for hip fire. In this case, hip fire isn't going to benefit the ICR-1 as much, so ADS speed needs to be increased.

ADS speed is faster with the YKM Combat Stock. A No Stock attachment is more effective in that, but it also makes the weapon less stable, which makes the YKM combat stock a good midway point.

Strike Foregrip


Vertical recoil and accuracy are increased while in ADS with the Strike Foregrip. It's an attachment that is earned early on, and it doesn't increase ADS speeds like many of the other grips. This aims at an additional increase to stability, thereby balancing out the other attachments.

Stippled Grip Tape

The Stippled Grip Tape is meant for speed. Both sprint to fire speed and ADS speed is increased, making the weapon even more effective up close.

As for the downside, it will also decrease the accuracy of bullet spread while in ADS, but that is why the Strike Foregrip is used to balance.

40 Round Fast Reload

There is a 40 and a 50 round fast mag for the ICR-1 in COD Mobile. Both decrease movement and ADS speed, but fast reloads are integral if a player wants to run around the map taking out multiple targets without being caught in reloads.

The 40 round is chosen instead of the 50 in order to mitigate the losses to speed with the attachment.


For the fifth attachment, it really is up to the player. Adding a suppressor will add more utility to the weapon and make the user's shots far more silent. However, the ICR-1 sight in COD Mobile can be a bit clunky. Sometimes it can be more effective to have a better sight and land more shots rather than simply adding metrics to a weapon within COD Mobile.

Published 21 Oct 2020, 04:40 IST
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