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Best mods to use in Outriders

Mods create powerful and diverse builds (Image via Square Enix)
Mods create powerful and diverse builds (Image via Square Enix)
Modified 09 Apr 2021

Mods in Outriders are an important part of crafting and build diversity. They allow players to try all kinds of combinations with some incredibly powerful passives.

As for what the best mods are, there are some that stand out as fantastic options no matter what class a player is using. However, many of the best mods in the game are going to change depending on what build a player is going for. That could go for separate branches on the same class too.

Mods themselves are passive abilities that can be found on all kinds of gear. Anything that is colored blue, purple, or gold will have a mod that players can utilize or dismantle in order to learn and craft later on.

As the best mods in the game can vary depending on the class that is used, it's best to list a few of the best weapon mods and the best armor mods that players can use in Outriders. The key is to remember that those general mods can be paired with class-specific mods that will make characters incredibly powerful.

The best general mods in Outriders for weapons and armor

It may take players a while to find some of the best mods in Outriders. Some may appear on epic weapons found later in the game, while others could potentially be found on legendary gear only. Regardless, players will run into them with enough farming.

3 of the best general weapon mods in Outriders


The Cycle - This weapon mod increases weapon damage as players regenerate their health. That means most abilities will up the damage on weapons to a higher degree. On a class like the Technomancer, that's devastating damage.

Death Chains - Shots in the weapon will entangle enemies in chains for 75% of the weapon damage, and it goes over three seconds. The effect applies a damage-over-time effect which will stack fast.

Scrap Grenade - On every first shot, a cluster of grenades will pop out. Players can reload every time they want to send one out, and it's a great utility mod with damage.

Image Via Square Enix
Image Via Square Enix

3 of the best general armor mods in Outriders

Sharp Eye - This armor mod simply increases the firepower of weapons when aiming down sights and killing enemies. The effect stacks 3 times.

Captain Hunter - Elites show up a lot, and this mod gives players a base 25% boost to damage against them. It's useful in almost every fight, especially later in the game.

Move Groove - Players need to move a lot in Outriders, and the Move Groove mod helps with that. The mod gives more anomaly and weapon firepower for simply moving around. It's a great boost on any class.

Published 09 Apr 2021, 05:37 IST
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