What's the current status of the Outriders servers?

Image Via Square Enix
Image Via Square Enix

Outriders was released on 1 April, and while the game has been well received, server issues have come and gone in the days following the launch.

Servers running poorly in Outriders would be a major problem, considering the game is built around playing in a co-op setting. The third-person looter shooter can be played solo, or in a group of three to take down the hardest challenges as a squad.

Unfortunately, many players ran into problems with the servers, especially on launch day. It's to be expected when a new game comes out that some issues will persist, especially in a brand new multiplayer game, but it's understandably frustrating with a purchase.

The good news is that the developers at People Can Fly have been hard at work to make sure that the multiplayer aspect of Outriders is up and running well. Tweets have continued to be released from the official Outriders Twitter account that have given the fanbase updates of the server status. On day one, problems were plentiful.

On 3 April, Outriders Twitter confirmed that server stability was slowly progressing, and a few workarounds were given out in order to alleviate some issues that were experienced. One example was to clear the cache on any console where players were running into server issues or were unable to join games.

As of yesterday, the server issues have slowed down and the official Outriders Twitter account claimed that the servers appear to look fine. In that confirmation, the game was also reported to be at its highest peak of concurrent players while the servers ran smoothly.

Outriders server status and the known issues released after


With the servers appearing to run far better as developers were hard at work for Outriders, a known issues list was released along with some notes on the servers in the game.

In a tweet with a link to a reddit that contained known issues, Outriders began with a thank you note. They thanked the fan base in Outriders for staying patient and keeping the support high while the developers worked to stabilize the servers and make multiplayer a smooth experience.

There will also be a new patch notes released this week where players will be able to review all the fixes. Along with the patch notes, there should be some developer notes or comments on the direction of fixes in Outriders as things improve.

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