Best PKM loadout in Warzone

(Image Credit: Games Atlas)
(Image Credit: Games Atlas)

In Call Of Duty Warzone, the Bruen MK9 has been a powerhouse weapon within the battle royale. It offers the best features of both an assault rifle and a light machine gun. Players tend to not use any of the other light machine guns in their loadouts, but there is one name that can offer some sort of competition to the Bruen.

The PKM is a light machine gun through and through, which is probably why it has never been a very popular choice. It can be bulky, boasts a slow firerate, and has an incredibly long reload time compared to other weapons. But with the right attachments, it's strengths can consistently be banked on in Warzone.

Best PKM loadout in Warzone

(Image Credit: GameWith)
(Image Credit: GameWith)

What the PKM lacks in speed, it more than makes up for with shooting mechanics. It has a slow fire rate with high control, high damage rounds, that can tear opponents apart. The belt capacity, currently at 100 rounds, can also be modified. When used right, the PKM has the potential to be one of the deadliest weapons in Warzone.

In order to capitalize on that, the following attachments should be used as a Warzone base:

  • Snatch Grip
  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • 26.9" extended barrel
  • Sleight of hand or Tac laser
  • Optic of choice

The above attachments essentially enhance what is already great about the PKM in Warzone. In order to stabilize the recoil just a bit better, the snatch grip is going to be the best choice. It'll make those long range bursts that much easier. The 26.9" extended barrel and the monolithic suppressor give a ton of damage range, which is going to work incredibly well together in Warzone. A long range PKM with stabilization is never going to be easy to escape from.

Sights can be chosen according to the preference of the player, and it would be unfair to select a specific one as the ideal choice. The recommendation for this class though, would be at least a 3x optic, in order to really make use of the long range possibilities of the bulky PKM. Iron sights would free up a perk slot, but it probably isn't going to be worth it.

Sleight of hand or the tac laser should be used as the last attachment. The tac laser can fill in the gaps that the class possesses (recovering some of the missing ADS speed). However, for this class, sleight of hand may be the best bet. The reload is extremely long on the PKM, and is one of the few weaknesses the weapon has. It must be conceded though, that because the player is likely going to be at range, the reload speed won't matter. The sleight of hand option will save players from a lot of grief while playing Warzone.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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