5 best places to loot on Karakin Map in BGMI

Best places to loot on Karakin Map (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)
Best places to loot on Karakin Map (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)
Tejaswi Ray

BGMI has made another addition to its map selection and the players are ecstatic. The new Karakin map in BGMI is smaller compared to other maps and is best for mid-to-close combat. It has desert ruins similar to a mini-Miramar map.

Newly added features include the Black Zone and Sticky bombs which are spread across the map.

Some players avoid new maps as they are not aware of areas that contain good loot. This article covers the 5 best places for good loot on the Karakin map in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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Top 5 places for good loot in BGMI

#1 Al Hayik

(Image via BGMI)
(Image via BGMI)

This place has a considerable amount of loot for 1-2 squads despite being the smallest place on the map. Players who are slow paced and steady in the game generally should not land in this place. Those who are highly skilled can engage in battles against enemies and get enough supplies here.

#2 Bahr Sahir

(Image via BGMI)
(Image via BGMI)

Bahr Sahir has a large warehouse where players can get huge loot. It's located at the top of the map. Survival is easier in this location as it has two rows of buildings and it will be a tough job for the enemies to find the location.

There are tunnels located just outside Bahr Sahir, where players can find a place to hide.

#3 Bashara

(Image via BGMI)
(Image via BGMI)

Located in the extreme left region of the map, the area has many compounds so players can land easily without worrying about loot. This site has quite a similar design to Pecado in Miramar.

Players can exhibit their sniping skills here as it has high buildings and also acquire good supplies.

#4 Al Habar

(Image via BGMI)
(Image via BGMI)

Al Habar has many apartments and houses where 3-4 squads usually land, making it one of the toughest hot drops in Karakin. This site is located in the top right corner of the map and players can even find some sticky bombs at this site. Coupled with that, they can also get good loot from Al Habar.

Those with good close-combat skills should land here as all the houses are tightly packed.

#5 Hadiqa Nemo

(Image via BGMI)
(Image via BGMI)

Hadiqa Nemo is located on the east side of the map. It resembles Georgopol in Erangel as there are many containers where players could get AR and SMG guns. They should pick up enough sticky bombs as there are several buildings in Hadiqa Nemo where enemies might be hiding.

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