Best Spider-Man build (deck) in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Spider-Man zips his way through to the game (Image via 2K)
Spider-Man zips his way through to the game (Image via 2K)

The spectacular Spider-Man swings his way into Marvel's Midnight Suns. Peter Parker enters as a great asset to the team, both story and gameplay wise.

While his abilities may seem otherwise underwhelming at first, Spider-Man is an excellent environmental strategist, using his webbing to take down foes with objects spread across the combat zone. Spider-Man can effectively take out large groups of foes without spending any Heroism.

This Marvel's Midnight Suns guide will cover all you need to know about Spider-Man’s decks.

Spider-Man is one of the more unique characters in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Spider-Man was first revealed as part of the playable roster during the reveal of Marvel's Midnight Suns on June 9, 2022. He possesses the unique passive ‘Bring the House Down’, which adds a 15% chance for Spider-Man to refund the Heroism cost when using an environmental attack. It can be further upgraded to Bring the House Down II from the Friendship system, making this ability use 0 Heroism during the first encounter.


Spider-Man's ideal cards are listed below:

1) Chain Strike

This card can chain damage up to two targets if the preceding targets are KO’d. It deals 22 damage and generates 1 Heroism.

This common card can be further upgraded to Chain Strike+ by exchanging 2 duplicates and 30 Attack Essence at the Yard. Chain Strike+ increases the length of the chain to a maximum of 4 targets.

2) Opportunist

This is a rare skill card for Spider-Man. Using this card allows the next two environmental attacks from Spidey to have a zero Heroism cost, and adds an additional 2 moves on that turn. It generates 2 Heroism when dealt.

The card can be evolved to Oppurtunist+ against two duplicates of the same and 60 Skill Essence. The upgraded card adds 13 damage to this moveset.

3) Special Delivery

This common attack card deals a Forceful Knockback towards Spider-Man and generates one Heroism when dealt. Forceful Knockback pushes the foe in a particular direction and any object in their path will deal additional damage to them.

The card is upgradeable to Special Delivery+ by exchanging 2 duplicates and some Attack Essence at the Yard. Special Delivery+ adds an extra move on a KO.

4) Web Throw

This epic Heroic card for Spider-Man deals a Forceful Knockback in any direction. Affected enemies take 13 damage, and this card costs 3 Heroism to use.

The card can be upgraded to Web Throw+ by exchanging 2 duplicates of the same base card and Heroic Essence from the yard. The evolved card deals 26 damage.

5) Infernal Spider

This Legendary Heroic card costs 4 Heroism to use. This card adds Free, which makes the next three cards free of any Heroism cost for Spider-Man. It also deals Exhaust, removing itself from combat.

This card can be evolved to Infernal Spider+ by exchanging two duplicates of the same and Heroic Essence. Infernal Spider+ draws an additional card for Spider-Man when dealt.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns was released on December 2, 2022 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. A Nintendo Switch version is also in development.