5 most powerful heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Not every hero in Marvel
While every hero is good at something, here are the overall strongest characters in Marvel's Midnight Suns (Image via 2K Games)

When building a team in Marvel's Midnight Suns, you’re going to want a few very important things. These include a support character, a powerful damage dealer, a tank, and someone that’s great at cleanup. There are so many amazing potential teams in this game, and there’s really no wrong way to play.

Even weaker characters are useful in the right Marvel's Midnight Suns team composition. But who are the heroes that just feel the best? Not that you should only use these, and nothing else. Just because they’re the strongest, doesn’t mean they're the only option. These aren’t the best heroes to make up a team, merely the most powerful in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

However, since The Hunter is so flexible and powerful, and a required member of the team, it doesn’t feel fair to include them in the running. For that reason, they aren’t on the list.

Note: This article is based on the writer’s opinions, and other players feelings may vary.

Who are the strongest heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns?

5) Captain America

  • Pro: Generates a ton of block, as well as card draw.
  • Con: Taunt, while great, can backfire and put him in a dangerous situation.

Captain America is easily one of the best characters in Marvel's Midnight Suns. He’s one of several tanks, but his ability to build up tons of block and card draw is going to make him an ideal pick for your team.

While he doesn’t do a ton of damage, he’s going to keep your enemies interested in him, and not in the other, squishier members of the team.

4) Blade

  • Pro: He deals so much damage. Just, so much damage.
  • Con: He doesn’t really bring anything else to the team.

Blade does one thing really well in Marvel's Midnight Suns - he kills things. He kills foes dead, and he can deal triple digits of damage with the greatest of ease. Between the high numbers and the bleed effects, he’s just overwhelmingly powerful.

The downside though is that he doesn’t really offer much in the way of useful support abilities. He can do some of the biggest numbers in the game without too much effort, though. Essentially, Blade’s amazing.

3) Spider-Man

  • Pro: An incredibly flexible team member, from knockback, AOE strikes, and more.
  • Con: While he has a great moveset, his ability to take out bosses isn’t as potent.

Spider-Man is a fantastic hero in Marvel's Midnight Suns. It’s so satisfying to see him to web up a foe and throw them into a hazard to take damage. He has so many exceptional abilities, and it’s not uncommon to feel you have completely run out of cards to play since he is so useful.

His damage is solid, and a lot of his abilities are completely free to use. That said, he’s not amazing for boss battles. His single-target finishing capacity is a bit on the weak side.

2) Magik

  • Pro: There is no better Knockout character in the game.
  • Con: She doesn’t deal much in the way of damage.

Magik, the sister of Colossus, is one of the most powerful magic users in the Marvel Universe. It’s only fitting that she’s a powerful character in Marvel's Midnight Suns! Like Doctor Strange, she doesn’t do a whole lot of damage. But that said, her Portals are amazing.

She can easily move foes around into disadvantageous situations, or into hazards. If you run characters that specialize in AoE attacks, she can help you set up some incredible combos.

1) Nico Minoru

  • Pro: Incredible damage, heals, and card draw.
  • Con: She doesn’t start off very great - it takes a while to get her moving

I love Nico Minoru, the leader of The Runaways, but she’s also very divisive. Some people think she’s absolutely useless, but others disagree. This damage dealer might be a little complex, but learning how to use her is going to be invaluable. Her abilities are overwhelmingly powerful, and it’s easy enough to have her completely dominate a battlefield on her own.

However, her start isn’t really that potent. It takes some time to get there, but in the late game, there isn’t anyone else I want in my squad in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

This is not an exhaustive list of the strongest characters in the game, by far. Everyone else looks for other things for their teams. If you like high-risk, high-reward, Nico Minoru and Ghost Rider are great, and if you want characters that don’t synergize with others, try Iron Man and Blade.

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