What are gifts in Marvel's Midnight Suns and where to find them?

Gifts are a great way to increase Friendship Levels in Marvel
As you play Marvel's Midnight Suns, you'll need to build Friendship Levels - consider giving gifts (Image via 2K Games)

If you want your superheroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns to be as powerful as possible, you must invest time in the time-honored tradition of gift-giving. Giving gifts to your allies, provided it’s something that interests them, is a great way to increase friendship levels.

If you want your team to be powerful and work well together, consider giving gifts to your Marvel's Midnight Suns squad. It will take time to build friendships, and this isn’t the only way to go about it, but it’s a great supplemental way to improve the levels of the heroes that will join you on missions.

How to find and use gifts in Marvel's Midnight Suns?

Why build Friendship Levels at all, though? It increases things like your hero’s passive abilities, more combo abilities, improved stats, and hero ability cards. That, and it’s simply nice to befriend and hang out with superheroes. However, you can also increase your power in combat, making it worthwhile to do so.

Gifts are items in Marvel's Midnight Suns that you can give to heroes after you hang out with them or go to a Safe Haven. Both events increase your Friendship Level and throwing a gift in can further boost your relationship growth.


Gifts come in a variety of sizes, and if you give them to the right hero, you’ll improve your Friendship Level with them. Each character, of course, prefers certain gifts. They all fit the character, so you could probably figure out most of these easily. However, here’s what every hero prefers for gift-giving.

Preferred gifts per hero in Midnight Suns:

  • Blade: The Unauthorized Biography of Captain Marvel
  • Captain America: Snack Box (MREs in particular)
  • Captain Marvel: Candle (Jet Fuel)
  • Dr. Strange: Dealing with Difficult Coworkers
  • Ghost Rider: Serenity: Calming Your Inner Demon
  • Iron Man: Tales of Suspense #39
  • Magik: Snack Box (World’s Grossest Candy)
  • Nico: Dark Beauty: A Gothic Coloring Book
  • Scarlet Witch: Music Box (On the Slopes of Wundagore)
  • Spider-Man: Music Box (Face it Tiger)
  • Wolverine: Snack Box (Root Beers of Canada)

You should also consider what kind of gift you’re giving and the character you’re giving it to while playing Marvel's Midnight Suns. A dark, brooding character like Wolverine probably won’t want something light-hearted and cheery. The gifts above are the best to give to those specific characters, but they aren’t the only gifts they’ll accept.

How can you find gifts in Midnight Suns, though? You’ll see objects scattered throughout the Abbey, whether on tables, shelves, or other out-of-the-way places. Explore everywhere and take the time to pick up anything you find.


You can also buy them at the gift shop, which only unlocks after improving your team’s friendship level to level 2. The shop offers a new gift that you can buy daily, which costs Gloss. You can improve the gift shop as you play the game to have it feature more options, but that will take time. Gloss comes from doing well in missions, so keep a close eye on how much you have.

Remember, you can only hang out with one hero at a time while playing Marvel's Midnight Suns. Make it count and give gifts that hero would likely want. It’s an excellent way to help grow the power of your team.

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