Explored: Why is Logan aka Wolverine's death being discussed on Twitter after Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool 3 X Hugh Jackman announcement?

Hugh Jackman in Logan (Photo by Ben Rothstein/Marvel/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/via IMDb)
Hugh Jackman in Logan (Photo by Ben Rothstein/Marvel/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/via IMDb)

On September 28, actor Ryan Reynolds confirmed in a new video that Hugh Jackman will play the role of Wolverine in the upcoming Marvel flick, Deadpool 3.

In the video, Reynolds speaks at length about his preparations for Deadpool 3, and later playfully asks Hugh Jackman if he wants to reprise his role as Wolverine in the film, to which the latter casually replies, saying, ''Yeah, sure, Ryan.''

Hard keeping my mouth sewn shut about this one. ⚔️

Ever since the clip was dropped, fans on Twitter have been slightly confused regarding Wolverine's role, especially since he died in the 2017 film, Logan. One user mentioned that the ending to Wolverine's character was ''perfect,'' and that the makers of the new film should not ''undo'' his death.

@Bosslogic @RealHughJackman @VancityReynolds Hopefully this movie takes place before "Logan". The ending to the Wolverine character was perfect. I beg they don't undo his death for this movie.

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Twitterati confused over Wolverine's role in Deadpool 3

Several fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Wolverine's appearance in the upcoming Deadpool 3. Some made an attempt to justify his appearance, explaining the timelines of both movies, while others mentioned that his return would ''cheapen the death.''

Take a look at some of the reactions on Twitter:

Logan's death was in 2029. However, Deadpool 3 takes place before 2029. So it would make sense for Jackman to return as Wolverine. And the Fox's X-Men actors and actresses who are still in contract can't be recasted until 2025. So....there you have it.
@kalliclawz but it kinda cheapens the death tho.its like if rdj kept playing iron man but "fRoM aNoThEr UnIvErSe"
a character coming back 7 years later as a variant, not even the same version of the character, does not cheapen the emotional death that you saw and felt 7 years prior in logan💀💀…
Has to be some kind of flashback scene otherwise it completely ruins that fantastic death he had in Logan…
i dont see why the return of hugh jackman as wolverine will invalidate his death in logan in any way bc have to accept that this dude fit the role
At the time of #Logan i got so sad and numb cz i remember whole journey of #Wolverine and death of Logan but this news made me so excited…
@RealHughJackman Nooo this cheapens wolverine and the death in Logan 🤦🏼‍♂️I wanted to see it too, but Logan was absolute perfection and this completely undermines it
Yes I know it will be a Logan from a “different universe” and that’s how they’ll justify it. But it just renders everything utterly weightless. In terms of the MCU, character deaths mean nothing now. They could bring RDJ back now, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they did
@ZeroYear97 @Lunwi88 Deadpool 3 is also a sequel to the fox movies, it could just be Logan before his death and Deadpool moves to the MCU at the end of the movie
@kalliclawz Even if they were set in the same universe, Logan is set in the future and it would still be his death. Deadpool 3 would happen before Logan in the timeline
Some people need to realize that Logan takes places in 2029, so even if it is THAT Logan the events of that film and his death haven’t happened yet.

What Ryan Reynolds said Deadpool 3

The film is expected to be released on September 6, 2024. It was announced a couple of years back, and since then, fans have been eagerly looking forward to new updates on the movie.

Regarding his preparations for the role, Ryan Reynolds said in his recent video that he had to ''search my [his] soul.'' He also spoke about the importance of ''finding new depth and motivation, and new meaning'' for the character.

#Deadpool3 will release September 6, 2024

Not many other details about the plot are known at this point. But with Hugh Jackman's involvement confirmed, it'll be interesting to see how the story of Deadpool 3 pans out, especially given that Wolverine died in the 2017 film Logan, which focused on him trying to protect a young mutant from the evil powers of Reavers.


Logan was released on March 3, 2017, and opened to highly positive reviews from audiences and critics, who raved about the writing, tone, thematic depth, and performances by the cast. It is now widely regarded as one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. The movie also turned out to be a massive commercial success.

Hugh Jackman played the lead role of Wolverine in the movie, and his performance received high praise from fans and critics. Jackman had earlier played the role in the X-Men films and 2013's The Wolverine.

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