Best Hunter Build (Deck) in Marvel's Midnight Suns

The Hunter is the player character in Marvel
What's the best way to build the Hunter in Marvel's Midnight Suns? (Image via 2K Games)

While playing Marvel's Midnight Suns, players control the protagonist, known as the Hunter. Whether male or female, they will control this character as they fight alongside some of Marvel Comics' most iconic characters. However, you also have to consider how you’re going to build this character.

As expected, there are several ways to build a loadout for Marvel’s Midnight Sun’s Hunter character. Despite the presence of many builds, whether you go light or dark, there's one particular build capable of dealing heavy damage and keeping allies alive with AOE heals, making it the ideal option for this character.

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What is the best build for the Hunter in Marvel's Midnight Suns?

As you progress through the game, you’re going to spend a great deal of time talking to other superheroes and building Friendship Levels. Of course, this also means that you’re going to have conversations with those characters, which will lead you down a light or dark path.

Depending on these answers, you unlock a variety of powerful cards that you can slot into your Hunter’s loadout in Marvel's Midnight Suns. The idea behind this build is to deal as much damage as possible, while also having the capacity to keep your allies alive. Considering that many of the game's battles can be quite challenging, having more heals is never a bad idea.

This particular deck has the potential to be devastating in Marvel's Midnight Suns (Image via 2K Games)
This particular deck has the potential to be devastating in Marvel's Midnight Suns (Image via 2K Games)

The best Hunter loadout in Midnight Suns

  • Holy Spark+
  • Last Sight+
  • Merciless+
  • Mindbender+
  • Call to Arms+
  • Wrath+
  • Annihilation
  • Holy Burst+

If you combine Last Sight+ and Merciless+, you can deal a total of 524 damage, if you land the stun. Last Sight+ goes for the stun, and Merciless+ rewards you for having a disabled foe. If this strategy fails, you can try finding an environmental stun before you unleash Merciless+ to devastate your target. Additionally, another Marvel hero on your team could help with this stun requirement.

Wrath+ will be a great choice when considering combos for this build as well for Marvel's Midnight Suns in general. It grants all the cards in your hand Critical, and for the next two turns, all the cards you draw will also automatically have Critical. Besides being free to activate, it generates two Heroism as well. What’s not to love?

Another powerful combo for this Marvel's Midnight Suns loadout begins with Call to Arms+, which doubles the amount of Heroism you gain for a turn and doesn’t have a card cost. From there, you’ll want to use Mindbender+ (generates base 2 Heroism), which makes an enemy attack their nearest ally twice.

All of this adds up to four Heroism, which you can combine with Holy Spark+. It generates 1 Heroism and deals damage when played. If required, it can also Cure instead of dealing damage.

Now that you’ve built up some Heroism, you will want to use Annihilation. It consumes all the Heroism that you’ve built up and deals damage to each enemy in an area, i.e. 38 points of damage per point of Heroism. This combo is particularly effective in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

If you can keep enemies grouped together, Holy Burst+ will be an incredible healing option. This ability is exceptional for dealing with weak enemies, while also healing allies in a large AOE. It’s a major heal, providing 231 Health to all allies within the AOE. Furthermore, it deals 77 damage to enemies, making it ideal for finishing off enemies with low health.


With this build and some teamwork, you can easily devastate whatever foes you come across in the battle against Lilith in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

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