"She was a good teacher": Andrea Botez thanks sister Alexandra after they hit 1 million followers on Twitch

Andrea thanks sister Alexandra Botez after hitting 1 million followers on their Twitch channel (Image via Twitter and WealthySpy)
Andrea thanks sister Alexandra Botez after hitting 1 million followers on their Twitch channel (Image via Twitter and WealthySpy)
Vijith Nair

Andrea Botez thanked her sister Alexandra Botez after they hit 1 million followers on their Twitch channel.

During a recent livestream on Twitch, Andrea Botez was streaming "Just Chatting" along with her sister Alexandra Botez on their channel "BotezLive". While streaming, Andrea thanked her older sister and gave an insight into their relationship, much to the delight of thousands of viewers.

Andrea Botez celebrates hitting 1 million followers on Twitch by thanking her sister Alexandra

Andrea Botez and Alexandra Botez run their Twitch channel BotezLive together. BotezLive is a chess-related channel run by the sisters. Alexandra, the older sister by around six years, originally started the channel in 2017 when she was still in college. She was later joined by her little sister Andrea once the channel started gaining notoriety.

The BotezLive channel recently hit one million followers on Twitch, a huge feat for the chess-playing duo. Andrea and Alexandra were in Oslo at the time and were exploring the Norwegian city. They were streaming live on Twitch as they explored and hit the milestone during the course of their stream.

This prompted both sisters to give a speech live to their audience. Andrea Botez, the younger of the two, did hers first. Andrea gave fans of the channel and people watching them live an insight into their sibling relationship. She began her speech by saying how the sisters weren't really close to each other due to their age difference:

"We used to not be very close.. because of the age difference. Cause she is six and a half years older. She went to college while I was like in middle school."

Andrea Botez then went on to explain the impact that running a chess-based content empire together has brought them closer. She explained how quarantine helped them get close to each other as they bonded over their mutual love for the game. She told her audience:

"Unexpectedly Alex came to quarantine with her familly and we weren't expecting it to do so well. And I wasn't expecting that Twitch was what brought us together. But before that I would have never ever thought that I'd end up living and working with my big sister who did become my best friend."

As a sibling, however, Andrea Botez did manage to throw some banter her sister's way by saying that they grew close because of how much time they spent together and not because they liked each other.

The clip soon hit the popular LivestreamFails Reddit page, where fans got to share the moment with the Botez sisters. Some fans commented on the wholesomeness of the speech:

Others shared their own stories about their siblings, which resulted in a great discussion among the fans:

Alexandra is already a chess FIDE master and her little sister Andre Botez is also moving up the FIDE rankings. It seems to be an exciting time for the Botez sisters, and their fans are ready for more.

Edited by R. Elahi
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