"Give him an apology": xQc, jschlatt and others react to a 540 double backflip on the Austin Show

xQc, jschlatt and others react to a 540 backflip (Image via AustinShow on Twitter)
xQc, jschlatt and others react to a 540 backflip (Image via AustinShow on Twitter)
Vijith Nair

Félix "xQc" Lengyel, Johnathan "jschlatt" Schlatt, and others were recently on the Austin Talent Show, where they witnessed an impressive 540-degree backflip.

During a recent livestream on Rajj "AustinShow" Patel's Twitch channel, he hosted xQc, JSchlatt, Rebecca "JustaMinx" and Andrew Milonakis. This was when they saw the insane scootering skills of the pro scooterist who landed the backflip.

xQc, jschlatt and others get their mind-blown by a scooterist on the Austin Talent Show

AustinShow recently hosted the fourth season of his well-known talent competition on Twitch called the Austin Talent Show. AustinShow hosts various talk and dating shows on his streams like "The Rajjchelor," "Rajj Royale" and more.

The second episode out of the four planned for the Austin Show saw the likes of xQc, JSchlatt, JustaMinx, and Andy Milonakis from the show The Andy Milonakis Show feature as the judges in it.

MONDAY 11/22 is Episode 2 of 4 of the 4th season of my Talent Show powered by @CashApp FT. @xQc @jschlatt @JustaMinx @andymilonakis Contestants will compete in 3 prelim shows & 1 final for a 40k prize pool! Apply here AND Reply below w/ talent

The viral moment happened when a pro scooterist came on the show to show off his skills. After a few simple tricks, the scooterist said he had one more trick. The judges waited eagerly as the scooterist prepared for his final stunt. The scooterist was in a skate park performing stunts in a skate park bowl.

xQc and others held on to watch the stunt as the scooterist drove down and then up a ramp in the bowl and launched himself into the air. He did a 540-degree backflip on the scooter while in the air and landed the stunt perfectly, to everyone's surprise.

xQc, AustinShow, and the others fell silent for a second after watching the stunt in awe and then started to exclaim in surprise. After watching the scooterist land the trick, xQc's eyes widened, and he let out:

"What the f**k

Jschlatt fell silent and smiled after he saw the stunt. JustaMinx was left with her mouth wide open. Not knowing what to say, she just clapped the whole time. AustinShow was heard shouting:

"Oh my goodness!

The scooterist was thrilled with his perfect trick and hugged his friends who were with him filming the whole thing. He then went on to say how he was not expecting to land the stunt as he managed to do so.

Andy Milonakis then called out xQc as he showed slight disapproval towards skaters and scooterists just a few minutes earlier. Andy told xQc:

"Dude, xQc deserves.. you.. you gotta give him an apology xQc

A clip of the incredible stunt and the reaction of the judges soon hit the LivestreamFails Reddit page, where fans had their say:

All in all, it's safe to say that the contestant, the host, the judges, and the fans all enjoyed this moment of madness to its fullest.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha
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