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'But like TikTok, you runnin' out of time': h3h3 diss track takes a jibe at Ethan Klein and LeafyIsHere controversy 

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Modified 04 Sep 2020, 15:00 IST

h3h3Productions is a YouTube channel run by the husband-wife duo of Ethan and Hila Klein, known for their reaction videos and comedy sketch routines.

Apart from their regular videos, Ethan Klein is also known for his long-standing feuds with fellow YouTubers, Daniel "Keemstar" Keem and Calvin Lee Vail, aka LeafyIsHere. While he continues to bicker with Keemstar online, Leafy recently had his YouTube channel terminated, post his series of videos on popular streamer Imane "Pokimane" Anys.

Several people from the online community believed that Ethan Klein had a major role to play in Leafy's termination, courtesy his tweets:

Since then, the conspiracy theory surrounding Ethan Klein's involvement in Leafy's ban, continues to trend online as a recent YouTube channel called void, dropped a diss track on Ethan Klein and h3h3 Productions.

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The h3h3 diss track


The channel named void, has so far made diss tracks on notable personalities such as Pokimane, Jake Paul and Mini Ladd.

In its most recent video centered around Ethan Klein and h3h3, they do not mince words as they go on to tear into his personality and past controversies.

Check out some of the lyrics from the h3h3 diss track, where Leafy's ban is addressed:

Like shit, Leafy got banned, now you acting tough on Twitter
Oh Susan, it must be the time to pull the trigger, ayo pass me the shovel cause I'm feeling like a grave digger.

The track also includes references to Keemstar and the fact that h3h3 has been losing sponsors:

H3 take the L, R.I.P to all your sponsors.
And you 33, but how you looking 59? Asking for some money , but you richer than us all combined.
How's your podcast pulling lesser numbers than Logan Paul? Call Keemstar a garden gnome cause he's just watching all his greens.
Keem be pulling more viewers by talking in his momma's basement.

The track ends with a final jibe at YouTube de-platforming Leafy:

YouTube now a mafia , they give you all the mob ties , take everyone's platform, I guess we playing Fall Guys.

Despite all the criticism coming his way, Ethan Klein appears to be unperturbed as he continues to target Leafy and Keemstar online, while the online community continues to demand the return of Leafy.

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Published 04 Sep 2020, 15:00 IST
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