Keemstar is suing Ethan Klein of 'h3h3 Productions'

Daniel "Keemstar" Keem is planning to sue Ethan Klein of h3h3 productions
Daniel "Keemstar" Keem is planning to sue Ethan Klein of h3h3 productions

Daniel "Keemstar" Keem is an online personality who often courts controversy through his unabashed and unapologetic comments.

He has feuded with notable personalities over the course of his career as a content creator, and he now seems to have launched a direct attack upon Ethan Klein of h3h3 Productions.

The two have been embroiled in a Twitter beef for quite a while now, and Leafy's recent YouTube termination seems to have provided an impetus to Keemstar as he is now planning to launch an all-out war upon Ethan Klein by suing him legally.

Keemstar stated that Ethan Klein caused him to lose 'millions of dollars' maliciously, and the latter has now released a YouTube video to address these allegations.

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Keemstar's statement; Ethan Klein responds


Ethan Klein is known for his YouTube channel, h3h3 Productions, which he operates alongside his wife Hila Klein. In their recent video, he addressed Keemstar's potential lawsuit and highlighted exactly what Keemstar said about it.

Here's what Keemstar said in the aforementioned tweet:

I have like a bunch of people who are building a case...he's cost me about close to half a million dollars in damages.
When you go to court, you have to prove that this person had malicious intent, I can prove that he did this so my sponsors would drop me....I can prove that in a court of law, without a shadow of a doubt and I'm gonna take your kids college fund and it's making me happy.

Keemstar also mentioned that he would take away 'Teddy Fresh', which refers to Ethan's wife Hila's own fashion website.

Addressing Keemstar's statement, an incensed Ethan Klein responded by taking shots at Keemstar's limited knowledge of the law and called his attempt a "malicious, meritless lawsuit".

He further criticised him and stated:

Keemstar has a hilarious misunderstanding of how the law works..This is what Keemstar does, he misrepresents what people say, to the point of lying about them, to provoke a response and create drama.
You want to act like a tough guy, you want to act like you're in control, that you're some great mastermind. Good luck suing me, when you're on record saying "I walked away" (from the G Fuel sponsorship)
What a f****** idiot he is and he's just so eager to try and prove how in control and everything he is...I mean the guy is such a f****** loser!

In the aftermath of h3h3's response, Leafy set up an interview with Keemstar on his Twitch channel, which was also posted on the YouTube channel - LeafyShowVods.


When Leafy asks Keemstar if he really plans on suing Ethan Klein, he responds:

According to my legal team, I do have a strong case and h3h3 is playing semantics. I will be working directly with G-fuel and every other company that this affected.
Is there a chance that I don't go through with this? Of course..but you know I'm gonna take a very deep dive at everything and look at what my chances are and if my chances are good, I'm gonna roll the dice.

Keemstar ends by stating that he's apparently doing much better than Ethan Klein and h3h3 productions.

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He refers to Ethan's Content series of videos on him and says:

He went after me with those 3 he was trying to get me deplatformed, he was trying to end my career and it backfired and since then all his viewership has gone down , he's lost sponsors ...his numbers are down, mine are up, I'm good!
I am doing very well right now, he is not doing so well..why wouldn't he just give up, just stop!

With these recent set of allegations by Keemstar, Ethan Klein finds himself facing yet another new controversy as people continue to call him out for celebrating Leafy's deplatforming:

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You can watch the video which criticises Ethan Klein for his continued attempts at banning Leafy from social media below:


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