Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies 'Der Anfang' map won't have a main Easter Egg at launch

The main Easter Egg will arrive much later in Vanguard Zombies. (Image via Activision)
The main Easter Egg will arrive much later in Vanguard Zombies. (Image via Activision)
Daniel Wenerowicz

Plenty of details have come out about Der Anfang in a recent Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies post, including the lack of a main quest or Easter Egg at launch. This will be the first time since Black Ops 2 in which there is no main quest to complete.

Easter Eggs may exist in the game, as there are typically multiple that players can attempt for small items. An Easter Egg is any hidden mechanic that players can work for in Zombies, usually for a reward. However, there will not be a main Easter Egg that furthers the plot and effectively ends the map.

Will Vanguard Zombies get a main quest or an Easter Egg?


In a major blog post detailing Vanguard Zombies, one of the aspects that garnered the most attention was how the map and the narrative would work. According to the blog, players may need to wait nearly a month for any real Easter Egg that takes form as the main quest.

Season 1 is when players can expect a set up for the main quest in the Der Anfang map, and that is slated to be nearly a month. For any players that are new to Call of Duty's season structure, the new launch doesn't begin with Season 1. Instead, Season 0 marks the first month of launch as players get used to the new game.

In Vanguard, Season 1 will begin on December 2 across all games and modes. That means players can expect to be set up for the new Easter Egg on December 2, as well as the new Caldera Warzone map on the same day. However, what players can expect is still unclear.

According to the blog, players will get some surprise elements later in Season 1 along with objectives that tie into the main quest.

Based on the blog post, the full quest won't arrive until Season 2 with a new ally and the usual content that comes along. On top of that, the map appears to be based on Outbreak and Onslaught rather than a round-based map that players are used to at launch.

Whether that works for Vanguard Zombies or not remains to be seen until launch.

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