Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard: Activision confirms new exclusive skin with Snoop Dogg Bundle in Season Two Reloaded

Call of Duty will be receiving a new Snoop Dogg bundle in the upcoming update (Image via Activision)
Call of Duty will be receiving a new Snoop Dogg bundle in the upcoming update (Image via Activision)

After multiple leaks over the weeks about the upcoming Snoop Dogg bundle for the Call of Duty franchise, Activision has finally confirmed the legitimacy of its existence.

American rapper slash streamer Snoop Dogg is quite popular around the world for his uniqueness and is admired by many. This has led Activision to collaborate with the artist himself, which can satisfy both music and gaming fans.

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Thus, giving birth to a new bundle right after the release of the Armored Titan bundle inspired by Attack on Titan. While Activision has yet to fully reveal what to expect from the new bundle, here is everything that is known so far.

Activision reveals a new Snoop Dogg skin for Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard

Crossovers are pretty common in the gaming industry and remain a trend this decade. Also, for Snoop Dogg, this is not the first time he has appeared in a video game and has even shown up in Def Jam: Fight for NY as Crow.

In 2022, the celebrity is making yet another cameo in a videogame, this time with Call of Duty. According to Activision’s plan so far, Snoop Dogg will be coming to franchises like CoD Mobile, Vanguard, and Warzone, which showcase the massiveness of the collaboration.

The Doggfather is returning to Call of Duty 😤#SnoopDogg |…

The new upcoming bundle will include a new skin that resembles Snoop Dogg himself and might come with other cosmetic items. Based on leaks, it is known that players will also get a Snoop Dogg-themed dog tag charm that will be made out of gold.

Call of Duty has confirmed that Snoop Dogg is coming to #Vanguard, #Warzone AND COD Mobile 💨

This bundle will be available on April 19, 2022. According to the developers, the bundle will hold ten exclusive items, and the operator will have a 20 tier progression system.

No other information has been revealed about the bundle right now. However, Activision did promise a more detailed reveal later this week. So, fans need to be patient about it and wait for the next Call of Duty reveal.

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