Call of Duty Mobile beta: First impressions

Call of Duty mobile
Call of Duty mobile

We recently got a chance to get our hands on the Call of Duty mobile beta to take a look at the good and the bad. The game was made in association with Chinese giants TenCent Games who also had a hand in PUBG mobile.

Before we start with our first impressions, we just want to stress that we have no idea about how the final monetization will be like.


Feature packed

Call of Duty mobile will release with 8 classic maps from the series' history including from classics like Black Ops and Modern Warfare 4 including fan favourites like Nuketown and Crash.

Apart from the traditional death match mode, Battle Royale and Zombies are also coming to Call of Duty Mobile - making it one of the most feature-packed FPS offerings on mobile devices right now. The big question will be whether the Battle Royale mode can compete with PUBG mobile whiich.

Returning characters

Characters from old Call of Duty games will also be available as skins for use although some will definitely be behind a paywall. However, with the game being a free-to-play offering, that's understandable.

The returning characters including John "Soap" MacTavish and a lot more are bound to be added as the game gets released and is successful.

The nostalgia factor

The nostalgia is strong with this one! From the moment I got into my first Death Match on Crash, I could feel that feeling of familiarity from the COD games I spent hours playing back in college.

As someone who doesn't really play Call of Duty games anymore, this one still had me itching to get back to it time after time.

Full loadout customization

Call of Duty mobile will have full loadout customization from primaries and secondaries to perks and grenade types.


Don't worry Call of Duty fans, scorestreaks are in the mobile version too. There are a number of them to choose from as of now including UAVs and air strikes.


Clunky controls

There are two control choices in Call of Duty mobile - simple mode and advanced mode. Both have their issues. If you play in simple mode, it's just too simple and there's no satisfaction. As for advanced mode, it feels to0 clunky as for now. Hopefully, they improve this.

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