WWE 2K20: Potential release date and updates to gameplay

WWE 2K20 could be a big upgrade
WWE 2K20 could be a big upgrade

WWE 2K19 was a huge improvement from the 2018 edition and one of the better games made under the 2K banner since Take-Two Interactive picked up the rights to WWE games. However, there are still big issues with the game including the inclusion of loot boxes during the single-player career mode.

Let's take a look at WWE 2K20's potential release date as well as what 2K has said about changes to gameplay.

Release date

The release date for WWE 2K20 is actually really easy to predict. Every WWE game under the 2K banner has released in October. As for WWE 2K20, we can safely say that the game will be released in the first half of October 2019.

Changes to the series and gameplay

A report from GameIndustry.biz last year stated that 2K were set to make massive changes to the WWE 2K franchise including assigning more resources as well as a full overhaul. The series was specifically mentioned by 2K hames president David Ismailer. Ismailer said that 2K were in the process of "stepping up investment" for the WWE franchise which will come as great news to fans who have been complaining about the lack of improvement in the last couple of WWE 2K games.

Ismailer said that this was part of Take Two's plans on investing more on their current franchises while also keeping the door open for developing new IP's.

WWE 2K deciding to invest more in WWE 2K20 may also be a result of the continuing trend of lower sales for the series with each new instalment. WWE 2K19 did the lowest first-week sales of any WWE 2K game, selling only an estimated 364,738 copies worldwide.

What the WWE 2K series really needs is an overhaul and it looks like 2K games realize this.

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