Calus Mini-Tool SMG in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted: How to obtain, God Rolls, and more

Obtaining the Calus Mini-Tool SMG in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted (Image via Destiny 2)
Obtaining the Calus Mini-Tool SMG in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted (Image via Destiny 2)

Opulent weapons have made a return with Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted. However, the armaments will now feature a significant number of changes from what they used to be a few seasons ago.

Many of the Opulent weapon perks have been reworked, and the highly-coveted Callus Mini-Tool SMG is no stranger to this fact. The Opulent weapon has a few new God Rolls up its sleeve that make many in the community consider it to be quite a viable and versatile choice for both PvE and PvP.

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The Calus Mini-Tool is one of the few weapons in the game that benefits from the MIDA Synergy Archetype, allowing Guardians to have additional speed benefits when this Exotic is equipped. However, even without it, players find the weapon to have exceptional handling and power.

Today’s Destiny 2 guide will look to go over some of the ways by which Guardians will be able to obtain the Calus Mini-Tool SMG in Season of the Haunted and some of its more useful God Rolls to look out for.

Obtaining the Calus Mini-Tool SMG in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted


To obtain the Callus Mini-Tool SMG, Destiny 2 Guardians can look to invest in three very specific methods.

1) Crafting the Calus Mini-Tool SMG


The first way of obtaining the Calus Mini-Tool Smg will be to craft it, which is a new feature that was introduced in Destiny 2 a few months ago with the Witch Queen expansion.

The feature is highly-coveted, and Guardians are now able to craft all the new weapons that have made their way into the game with Season of the Haunted as well as the returning Opulent sets.

However, to be able to craft it, players will be required to get the recipe for the Calus Mini-Tool. To do so, they must extract its Deepsight Resonance five times. To obtain the Standard and Deepsight variations of the weapon, Guardians must spend time in completing some of the various Derelict Freighter activities. Unfortunately, as the Deepsight drop rate is rather low, a fair amount of grinding might be required.

2) Through Opulent Chests


Season of the Haunted brought with it the Derelict Leviathan as well as Opulent Chests that are placed all over it. These Chests have a chance of providing Destiny 2 Guardians with an Opulent weapon, hence the Calus Mini-Tool will be one of the drops.

However, to open the Chest, players must first have access to an Opulent Key that can be earned through the opening of Haunted Aclove Chests, Destination hests, or after completing Nightmare Containment Tier III.

Additionally, the key is not a guaranteed drop, and as players will only be able to hold one of these in their inventory, it’s advised that they invest it in a Chest as soon as they obtain one.

3) Through Umbral Engrams


The final method will require Guardians to focus on Umbral Engrams at the Crown of Sorrow. By applying enough Figments of Darkness to the Crown’s Upgrades, players will be able to get their hands on both the variations of the Calus Mini-Tool SMG.

The best Calus Mini-Tool SMG perks to look out for in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted


The SMG comes with a lot of new perks in Destiny 2’s new season, and while God Rolls are usually a matter of preference, Guardians are still advised to look out for the following perks:

  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel (+handling, +stability)/ Hammer-Forged Rifling (+range)/ Smallbore (+range, +stability)/ Corkscrew Rifling (+range,+stability, +handling)
  • Magazine: Tactical Mag (+mag slot, +reload speed, +stability)/ Accurized Rounds (+range)/ Appended Mag (+ mag)/ Extended Mag (++ mag, ++ reload speed)
  • Trait 1: Unrelenting (Rapidly defeating targets triggers health regeneration. Guardians and powerful combatants count as more than one kill)/ Moving Target (Increased movement speed and target acquisition when moving while aiming down sights)/ Threat Detector (Increased reload, stability, and handling when enemies are in close proximity)
  • Trait 2: Incandescent (Defeating a target spreads scorch to those nearby)/ Eye of the Storm (This weapon becomes more accurate and boosts handling as your health gets lower)/ Surrounded (This weapon gains bonus damage when three or more enemies are in close proximity)/ Tap the Trigger (Grants a short period of increased stability and accuracy on initial trigger pull)

These are some of the most reliable and versatile Calus Mini-Tool perks that Guardians should look out for in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted.

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