Camille’s win rate skyrockets after Goredrinker and Conqueror nerfs in League of Legends patch 11.21

Camille is dominating the League of Legends top lane meta in 11.21 (Image via Riot Games)
Camille is dominating the League of Legends top lane meta in 11.21 (Image via Riot Games)
Abhishek Mallick

With the Goredrinker and the Conqueror nerfs, League of Legends patch 11.21 sought to tone down some of the more overpowered top lane picks in the game.

Champions like Darius, Wukong, Urgot, and Riven were hit quite hard after the nerf. However, there was one bruiser who capitalized rather well on the patch.

Camille mains are having a field day in competitive games after 11.21 went live. Champions like Darius and Riven were hard counters for her. The nerfs to their core item builds enabled her to have a very easy time during the laning phase.

According to U.GG, Camille is currently sitting on a whopping 53.55 win percentage along with a 15.9% pick rate in Diamond 2.

Image via U.GG
Image via U.GG

Her win rate climbs with the rank tier. She has a 54.91% win in Challenger and a 19.4% pick rate as she dominates the current top lane meta.

Camille is setting the standards in the 11.21 League of Legends top lane meta

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Camille usually goes down the Precision Rune tree and boasts the Conqueror keystone herself. However, with that being nerfed in League of Legends patch 11.21, Camille mains instead go for the Resolve tree and use Grasp of the Undying as the preferred keystone.

Grasp allows her to gain additional HP the more she harasses her opponents in the game, making her quite tanky and difficult to kill in the game's later stages. Along with Shield Bash, Bone Plating, and Unflinching, Camille has a much easier time in lane. Champions that used to counter her before are not as effective.

Image via League of Legends
Image via League of Legends

However, tankiness is not the only thing that Camille comes with. In 11.21, with the core build of Divine Sunderer and Titanic Hydra, she became a very potent backline threat and can take down AD carries in the blink of an eye.

With the boost that she got in her win rate, Camille might face some nerfs in future updates, but she will remain S-tier until patch 11.22 drops in a couple of weeks.

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