Can you get free emotes in COD Mobile Season 5?

Emotes in Call of Duty Mobile ( Image via Reddit)
Emotes in Call of Duty Mobile ( Image via Reddit)

Free-to-play players on COD Mobile have the time of their lives every season collecting cosmetics and different items in their inventory for free by completing challenges and events.

The easiest way to get free rewards from COD Mobile is via Login Rewards. Everyday COD Mobile gifts its users a singular item for simply logging into the game. On Day 24 of the season, players get a free epic skin for logging in. This season, players have had the chance to redeem Bathysphere - 10,000 Leagues from the Login Rewards. Many players in the community have commented on this skin and claimed that it is better than the paid version of the Bathysphere skin available in Store.

One cannot rule out ranked season rewards, as they are the best free rewards a player can collect for every ranked season. Reaching Master 3 in both multiplayer and Battle Royale will unlock an epic weapon blueprint and an epic character skin. Both of these cosmetics have immense value as they represent the ranked grind of any player who possesses them.

However, free-to-play players might find one thing odd about the rewards in COD Mobile. Almost everything is given for free except emotes. There are very few free emotes available in the game. Some were released early in the game in 2019 and 2020. However, players have not received a single free emote for a very long time.

There are currently no free emotes in Season 5 of COD Mobile. Players can try and redeem free items from the redemption center but one cannot guarantee emotes at all times. The Bish emote was obtainable from the redemption center for free back in 2020.

When can players expect free emotes in COD Mobile?

While there is no certainty that Activision will add free emotes to the game in Season 6 or later, players can expect some in the Login Rewards. Furthermore, the Credit Store is a great place to stack up on free cosmetics. Look out for credit store refreshes for emotes.


Seasonal and Featured challenges often feature awesome rewards and if Activision is kind enough, free-to-play players might see some free emotes in COD Mobile events soon.

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