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PUBG mobile: Can a PUBG account be deleted permanently?

Can you permanently delete a PUBG mobile account?
Can you permanently delete a PUBG mobile account?
Modified 12 Jun 2020

Ask any hardcore, and even casual fans, and they will tell you that PUBG mobile is incomparable to other mobile Battle Royale (BR) games. It is prevalent in most gamer circles, and enjoys a humongous player base. The frequent updates, in-game events and various prize money PUBG mobile tournaments have also kept the players from moving away from this game.

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Unfortunately, due to issues that are usually personal and pressing, players sometimes make the choice of deleting their PUBG mobile accounts permanently. While this is not unheard off, it is nevertheless not very often that you come across a scenario where a player is forced into deleting his or her account.

This raises the next obvious question:

Can players delete PUBG mobile accounts permanently?

Many gamers have this confusion when they decide that it is time to take a break and step away from the game. And to answer that question: It was earlier possible for the players to delete their in-game account.

Option to delete the account was previously available
Option to delete the account was previously available

In the current context, players cannot delete their accounts permanently because of the changes in the End User license agreement. However, players from the European regions still have an option in their game to delete their account permanently due to the Different End User License Agreement.

Players receive a message from the automated bot of the in-game customer service that they cannot delete the account permanently if they make an in-game query about doing the same.

The automated message from the bot
The automated message from the bot

The above-mentioned screenshot clearly states that the account, once created, cannot be deleted.

Unlinking the accounts

Earlier, players also had the option of unlinking their Google Play/Facebook/Twitter accounts, which was what they may have been using to create their PUBG mobile accounts and play the massively-popular game.

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When the question about unlinking of accounts was asked to the moderator , the response was: 

Unfortunately, the feature which gives the players this ability has been disabled for now. So you cannot.

This only means one thing: While you can unlink your accounts from the game, permanently deleting the same might be out of the question for now!

Published 12 Jun 2020, 18:32 IST
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