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'Cancel SSSniperwolf': Twitter wants to cancel the YouTube star over allegations of transphobia, homophobia and racism 

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Modified 07 Nov 2020, 22:15 IST

The cancel culture mob has now come calling for YouTube star SSSniperwolf.

In light of allegations of transphobia and racism, Alia Shelesh aka SSSniperwolf, is currently facing the heat from a section of the online community, who are planning to withdraw their support for her.

Despite being one of the most popular content creators around, SSSniperwolf tends to have a proclivity towards controversy, as she has often come under fire for various reasons, which range from her reactionary content, to her off-screen behaviour.

She had been arrested for 'disorderly conduct' on two separate occasions back in 2013 and 2016. Moreover, she has also been called out in the past for her controversial relationship with fellow streamer Evan Sausage and, for being toxic, hypocritical, and averse to criticism.

While these allegations seemed to have been brushed under the carpet, recently, severe allegations of transphobia and racism have surfaced online, which seems to have attracted the gaze of the cancel culture mob.

What did SSSniperwolf do?


The 28-year old British born YouTuber is one of the most popular content creators today, who is primarily known for her reaction videos, which consistently rake in more than a million views.

A two-time recipient of the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award, SSSniperwolf has also streamed games such as Overwatch, Call of Duty, Fortnite and more.

The recent controversy surrounding SSSniperwolf stems back to 3 years ago, when a video by YouTuber xAMK Chaotic exposed her problematic side.

From labelling her a liar, to revealing comments where she body shamed another person, xAAMK Chaotic reveals a controversial side of SSSniperwolf which often goes unnoticed.

In another problematic video, SSSniperwolf can be spotted laughing at a trans woman being misgendered. In the video, a trans woman yells at a cashier who repeatedly calls her “Sir”.


[Timestamp: 6:10]

In 2019, she also commented on footage of Zendaya at the Met Gala, where the actress had dressed up as Cinderella. According to SSSniperwolf, Zendaya should have gone as Princess Tiana, who is a person of colour, as she believes that she couldn't 'pull off a Cinderella':

In his video, he also goes on to reveal a series of tweets where she mocks people with disabilities, uses offensive language, and makes transphobic remarks.

When it comes to a YouTuber of her stature, SSSniperwolf seems to be setting the wrong precedent for several youngsters who look up to her.

In light of his video going viral recently, he also released a follow up video, where he speaks in detail about the allegations against SSSniperwolf:


As her problematic tweets from a couple of years went viral once again, members of the online community took to Twitter to voice their opinion:


While SSSniperwolf is yet to issue a statement about the allegations against her, dissent continues to mount online as the 28-year old YouTuber seems to find herself treading on thin ice at the moment.

Published 07 Nov 2020, 22:15 IST
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