Caps signs new contract, and Rekkles might be sold as G2 Esports start rebuilding League of Legends roster

Rekkles might be on his way out of G2 Esports (Image via League of Legends)
Rekkles might be on his way out of G2 Esports (Image via League of Legends)
Rishov "Vergil" Mukherjee

G2 Esports, one of the biggest teams on the League of Legends scene, might have already started their rebuilding process following their failure to qualify for Worlds 2021.

They are one of the most decorated teams of all time with multiple LEC titles and were also one of the top contenders for the League of Legends World Championships from the EU. However, this team fell short in 2021, as for the first time in their history, they failed to qualify for Worlds.

This was a shock for a wide number of players and professionals since G2 Esports as an organization is expected to perform at the very top at all times. However, following the loss, G2’s CEO, Carlos Rodriguez, tweeted about a potential rebuild, and it seems that the process has already started.

However, it might involve selling Rekkles, which is definitely something that neither League of Legends fans nor professionals might have expected.

Selling Rekkles might look like a bad business move; however, it will be beneficial for the League of Legends roster of G2 Esports

Before the rumors regarding Rekkles are discussed, it is important to mention that Caps has signed a one-year extension with G2 Esports. This means that he will stay with the team till 2023, and it is definitely one of the best decisions that the team has made.

Caps did not have the best year. However, he is definitely up there as one of the best mid-laners in the EU. He did have a few moments where he showcased the quality that he was going to bring.

However, Rekkles joined G2 Esports as a replacement for Perkz. While the transfer of the star League of Legends ADC seemed like an amazing move, it definitely did not pan out as expected.

It seems, though, that G2 Esports will probably sell Rekkles and revamp their bot-lane completely. Mikyx will probably be replaced, even though MAD Lions’ Kaiser is out of the question as he signed a two-year extension with the team. Treatz is a good option for the team as he provides the leadership as well as the quality which G2 Esports need.

Rekkles definitely adds a lot of brand value to G2 Esports' League of Legends roster. However, his passive playstyle definitely does not allow any form of aggressive play. Rekkles rarely takes risks, which is something that impacts G2 Esports as a team at times since they were never known for such passive play. This is something for which Rekkles has been criticized a lot, and it seems that G2 might be thinking on similar lines.

If Rekkles is sold, G2 will earn a lot of money as he signed his contract in 2021. G2 will be able to use it along with the $5 million which they earned from Perkz’s sale to sign someone like Carzzy to the team who is yet to sign an extension with MAD Lions. While fans of Rekkles might be upset about this, the chances are G2 Esports will earn their identity back with this change and make them potential contenders for League of Legends' LEC in 2022.

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