"Chinese people are the worst": Genshin Impact streamer's racist remark sparks online backlash

Controversial streamer Kylorren_lol was seen making racist remarks towards Chinese people (Image via kylorren_lol)
Controversial streamer Kylorren_lol was seen making racist remarks towards Chinese people (Image via kylorren_lol)
Tariq Hassan

Tenha, Tectone, Atsu (AsianGuyGenshin), and more Genshin Impact creators have come forward to speak up against racism in the Genshin Impact community after a streamer made racist remarks against Chinese people.

The free-to-play game has amassed a massive fanbase, and there are many streamers who dedicate their time to making content for the game. Unfortunately, one streamer was caught spreading racist remarks during a recent livestream, and other community members have called him out.

This streamer is known as Kylorren_lol, and he is a Latin American streamer who began this incident after a discussion with a fellow streamer went sour. The drama resulted in racist remarks from Kylorren, ending with condemnation from the Genshin Impact community.

Genshin Impact streamer called out for racist statements

Popular Genshin Impact creator Tenha was recently the victim of a racist attack from another streamer due to a disagreement about content.

Streamers kylorren_lol and Tenha first engaged in discourse following Kylorren's response to a Tenha video about Keqing. Kyllorren called Tenha's video into question, and stated that he would test his Keqing against Tenha's to prove who was better.

Tenha showing the discussion between the two streamers that began this incident (Image via Tenha)
Tenha showing the discussion between the two streamers that began this incident (Image via Tenha)

This caused a brief discourse between the two streamers, as Tenha asked Kylorren not to use his video without permission, which resulted in Kylorren disparaging both him and Chinese people during a subsequent live stream.

During his livestream, Kylorren made the following remark, which resulted in the backlash:

"I work for Chinese people, and they are the worst. The worst people in the world."

These racist remarks were not taken well by the Genshin Impact community, as players took to Twitter and YouTube to respond to these statements. As Genshin Impact itself is a game created by a Chinese company, many pointed out the flaws in Kylorren's statements, along with his blatant racism.

Fellow content creators Atsu, AKA AsianGuyGenshin, and Tectone, have also stepped up to speak about how racism has no place in the Genshin Impact community.

In his dedicated video and tweets about the blatant racism, Atsu added that:

"Racism should not be tolerated in Genshin, let alone anywhere. It's incredibly worrying that there are communities that encourage racist behavior so openly to harass other content creators."

Kylorren's disparaging remarks have definitely not sat well with the Genshin Impact community as a whole.

How the Genshin Impact community has responded

Many fans have stepped up and are speaking out about racism in the Genshin Impact community and are making it clear that the fanbase has no room for racists. As a game created by a Chinese company, and is incredibly popular in many Asian countries, intolerance towards Asians makes no sense.

Moreover, there is no room for racism of any kind, and the fans are making sure to make that point clear.

What's next for Kylorren_lol

While it appears that Kylorren_lol has deactivated his Twitter account, his Twitch and Youtube pages are still up. According to the most current reports, it appears that he has deleted the VOD and clips of the original racist remarks, but the evidence still remains.

It is unknown how he will return to streaming, as it has been several days since his last stream, and the community will have to wait and see if he publishes an apology.

Genshin Impact's community remains one of the most diverse, and all fans should be able to enjoy the game without fear of racist remarks. Hopefully, those in the community who say hateful things will learn from this incident.

Edited by R. Elahi
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