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Chrono vs Maxim in Free Fire: Comparing the abilities of the two characters

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Modified 12 Jan 2021, 10:08 IST

Free Fire has gathered a lot of popularity since its release in 2017. The game has over 30 characters, with almost all of them having special abilities that players can use.

Chrono is a newer character in-game, while Maxim is one of the better ones available. This article contrasts their abilities to see who is better.

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Assessing the abilities of Chrono and Maxim in Free Fire

Maxim's ability - Gluttony

Maxim in Free Fire
Maxim in Free Fire

As per Maxim's in-game description, he is a competitive eater and has a passive ability called Gluttony.

This ability allows Maxim to eat and use medkits faster by 2%. When Maxim is leveled up using character fragments, at his maximum potential, he can eat and use medkits more quickly by 12%.

Chrono's ability - Time Turner

Chrono in Free Fire
Chrono in Free Fire

Chrono is a bounty hunter with an active ability called Time Turner.

At the base level, it conjures up a force field able to block 600 damage. He can also shoot from inside the force field while increasing movement speed by 15%. Allies inside the force field also receive a 10% increase in movement speed, with the effects lasting four seconds. The ability has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

After Chrono gets boosted to level 6, his movement speed increases by 30%, while his allies' movement speed increases by 15%. All effects last 15 seconds, with a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Conclusion: Who is a better character?


Chrono and Maxim are both potent characters, but the former shines in several aspects.

Maxim has a remarkable ability to use medkits faster, which helps players during intense combats where they have a lesser time to heal.

Chrono can block and attack the enemy simultaneously as well as enhance the movement speed of allies. Hence, he offers multiple advantages via one skillset and is always the obvious choice.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the writer's personal views. It is an individual's choice to pick one character over the other, according to his/her preference in Free Fire.

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Published 12 Jan 2021, 10:08 IST
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