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Cizzorz and Neymar both banned on Twitch

Image via Cizzorz/YouTube
Image via Cizzorz/YouTube
Modified 11 Nov 2020, 09:26 IST

In unrelated cases, both FaZe Cizzorz and Neymar got banned from Twitch as of yesterday.

There hasn't been any official reason yet as to why both received suspensions from the platform. As usual, Twitch did not release the reason for their embargo, the same way it didn't for Dr Disrespect.

Regardless, some conclusions can be drawn from these bans. In Cizzorz's case, it's highly likely that the ban stemmed from a DMCA strike or multiple strikes. DMCA bans are nothing new on Twitch now, and everyone from xQc to Nickmercs has received these.

Neymar, on the other hand, could be a different story. Recently, he started his Twitch channel and has seen some success. But there have been reports that the PSG star leaked one of his teammate's phone numbers as a joke. That doesn't mean it wasn't a breach of rules, though.

But it's entirely possible that his ban was based on the leak, while it's also likely that he was also another streamer taken down by DMCA strikes.

DMCA strikes and bans on Twitch

What happened with the FaZe Cizzorz ban isn't necessarily new or surprising. Twitch sent out an email to delete all VODs a few weeks ago, in preparation for the DMCA apocalypse that would be on its way.

Most streamers deleted their VODs to be safe, and those who didn't, like Nickmercs, were eventually forced into doing so anyway.


The story has changed a bit, though, and it appears that the DMCA strikes are coming from VODs and clips saved on Twitch's servers. Streamers like xQc received strikes on videos deleted beforehand. Even if Cizzorz deleted all of his content on Twitch, it would still be possible for him to receive a ban in this scenario.

There is some good news in this situation, and that is how Twitch has been handling the automatic DMCA bans. Most high-profile DMCA bans are automated based on strikes, and likely Cizzorz as well.

Due to everything going on, the Amazon-owned platform has been revoking bans on many streamers involved in these DMCA strikes. They are given a chance to delete any remaining content on the channel. However, if already-deleted clips are still receiving strikes, it's hard to tell how Twitch will handle the bans or fix channels.

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Published 11 Nov 2020, 09:26 IST
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