Clash of Clans guide to prepare for Town Hall 16

Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans guide to prepare players for Town Hall 16 (Image via BDLegend - Clash of Clans/YouTube)

Town Hall 16 in Clash of Clans brings with it the prospect of new upgrades and features and it is important to strategically prepare for it. This goes beyond hastily diving into upgrades or impulsively depleting valuable resources. Rather, it requires a methodical strategy that includes grasping the intricacies of upcoming alterations, be it in terms of troop effectiveness or defensive capabilities.

This article provides valuable advice and strategies for all kinds of players, equipping them for the impending advent of Town Hall 16 in Clash of Clans.

Strategies for players before the release of Town Hall 16 in Clash of Clans


General advice for all players

The fundamental concept is to stockpile as many magic items as possible before the update hits. The key here is to refrain from using magic items unless necessary, thereby ensuring a robust arsenal for immediate upgrades when Town Hall 16 arrives.

Notably, this includes powerful magic items like the Hammer of Building and the Hammer of Fighting. For those who have already purchased these, exercise patience and hold onto them until the update drops.

F2P players: Creative strategies for maximum gains


Free-to-play players face a unique challenge since they cannot stack magic items. However, resourcefulness is the cornerstone of the F2P playstyle. By ceasing the use of magic items and carefully selecting challenges in Clan Games, you can accumulate valuable items like the Book of Fighting.

Additionally, events such as Clash Fest offer opportunities for free magic items, including the coveted Book of Heroes and Book of Fighting. F2P players should log in with their Supercell ID to claim these rewards in Clash of Clans.

Gold Pass players: Optimizing monthly benefits


Gold Pass holders enjoy monthly magic item benefits, making their preparation slightly different. To make the most of this, players should ensure they have at least one of each magic item before the suspected Town Hall 16 release date of December 11.

Furthermore, expeditiously attaining the 20% builder and research boosts in Gold Pass is paramount. This achievement becomes instrumental as Gold Pass holders stand to gain from both time and cost reductions when the update eventually makes its debut in Clash of Clans.

Spenders: Making wise purchases


For those willing to invest real money in the game, careful consideration of in-game deals is paramount. Black Friday packs often present some of the best deals of the year, with $5 and $10 packs providing excellent value for books.

However, the $20 and $50 deals may not offer the same value, so players should prioritize the more cost-effective options. Importantly, these purchases should be made after acquiring all available free magic items in Clash of Clans.

Key advice for lower Town Hall players


Even if not upgrading to Town Hall 16 immediately, players at lower Town Hall levels should exercise caution. Historical patterns suggest that new updates often bring time reductions for lower Town Halls as well.

So, those who are not at Town Hall 15 should also save magic items as it can lead to more significant benefits when the update arrives. This is especially relevant for Town Hall 13 and 14, which typically witness substantial time reductions.

In conclusion, regardless of playstyle or spending habits, a thoughtful and strategic approach to preparing for Town Hall 16 is essential.

By following these guidelines, you can maximize your resources, minimize regret, and embark on your Town Hall 16 journey with confidence.

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