How to unlock Ram Rider in Clash Royale

Ram Rider  is a Legendary card (Image via Clash Royale/YouTube)
Ram Rider is a Legendary card (Image via Clash Royale/YouTube)

Clash Royale is a free-to-play strategy card game where players collect cards from chests and make their decks using these procured cards. These cards can be used to fight 1v1 and 2v2 battles, which reward chests containing gold and cards of different rarities.

Cards are categorized into five rarities β€” Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Champion. Ram Rider is a Legendary card that can be unlocked once users reach Arena 10!

A look at Ram Rider from Clash Royale


In-game description of Ram Rider:

β€œTogether they charge through the Arena; snaring enemies, knocking down towers... and chewing grass!?”

It is a Legendary obtainable once gamers reach the Hog Mountain (Arena 10). Ram Rider has moderately high hitpoints and moderate damage per second.

The Ram targets only building units while the rider attacks only troops. The latter snares the troops, thus slowing their movement speed.

It costs 5 Elixir to play a Ram Rider card, which has 1461 hitpoints and 122 damage per second at the base level. The card has 14 levels at the moment, with room for more in the upcoming CR updates!

Statistics of Ram Rider

  • Cost: 5 Elixir
  • Hit Speed: 1.8 seconds
  • Speed: Medium(60)
  • Deploy Time: 1 second
  • Range: 0.8 (Melee: Short)
  • Target: Buildings
  • Count: x1
  • Transport: Ground
  • Type: Troop
  • Rarity: Legendary
Have you unlocked Ram Rider? 😎

Overall, Ram Rider from Clash Royale is a mighty Legendary card that can deal ranged damage and charge damage. The ram deals charge damage if it successfully hits a defense when charging, and the rider deals ranged damage to all troops.

This combination makes the troop good enough to qualify for a Legendary status. The Ram Rider is one of the two troop cards with the "Ranged Ground & Air targeting unit riding on Melee Building targeting unit" pattern, the other being the Goblin Giant.

However, the Rider cannot attack alone if the Ram is destroyed, and the Rider cannot attack buildings.

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