Mega Knight in Clash Royale: All you need to know

Clash Royale Mega Knight (Image via YouTube/Clash Royale)
Clash Royale Mega Knight (Image via YouTube/Clash Royale)

Clash Royale is a free-to-play strategy card game with elements of arena fighting. Players fight battles, mostly 1v1 and sometimes even 2v2, and get rewarded with certain chests for winning the battle. There are different kinds of chests that reward the players based on their rarity.

Cards in Clash Royale, like chests, are also classified into different rarities- Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. In this article, players will learn about Mega Knight, a legendary troop that can be unlocked once a player reaches Royal Arena.

Mega Knight in Clash Royale: Stats, in-game description and more


In-game description of Mega Knight:

β€œHe lands with the force of 1,000 mustaches, then jumps from one foe to the next dealing huge area damage. Stand aside!”

Mega Knight is a legendary card that players can unlock once they reach Arena 7- Royal Arena. He is a melee-ranged splash damage dealer with 3300 Hit Points at level 1 and 130 damage per second. It costs 7 Elixir to play a Mega Knight card.

Mega Knight is one of the few troops that can deal spawn splash damage. He can also deal jump splash damage when he attacks an enemy from a range.

Mega Knight was first available in the Mega Knight Challenge, which started in August 2017. In this challenge, the players built a deck that included the Mega Knight. If the player succeeded in getting 12 wins without three losses, they would be awarded the legendary card. Mega Knight has a maximum level of 14, being a legendary card.

Statistics of Mega Knight

  • Cost- 7 Elixir
  • Hit Speed- 1.7 seconds
  • Speed- Medium(60)
  • Deploy Time- 1 second
  • Range-Melee: Medium
  • Jump Range- 3.5-5
  • Target- Ground
  • Count- x1
  • Transport- Ground
  • Type- Troop
  • Rarity- Legendary
Mega Knight (Image via YouTube/TownshipDotCom)
Mega Knight (Image via YouTube/TownshipDotCom)

Overall, Mega Knight is a perfect legendary card that can be considered a tank. It deals heavy spawn damage that can easily be used to counter skeleton army or goblin gang. It also deals good splash damage to enemies along with his jump splash damage. All of these perks make Mega Knight a completely worthy card to invest in for high-level upgrades.

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