Miner in Clash Royale: All you need to know

Miner in Clash Royale (Image via H4rry/YouTube)
Miner in Clash Royale (Image via H4rry/YouTube)

Clash Royale is a popular strategy card game where players fight against each other using a deck of cards with the winner receiving gold and trophies, the trophies necessary to go higher in the Clash Royale League.

Currently, cards in Clash Royale are available in 4 rarities which are Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Miner is an example of one such legendary card available in Clash Royale. In this article, players are going to learn about Miner, a legendary troop that can be unlocked once a player reaches PEKKA's Playhouse.

More about the Miner in Clash Royale including stats, in-game description and more


The in-game description of the Miner card reads:

β€œThe Miner can burrow his way underground and appear anywhere in the Arena. It's not magic, it's a shovel. A shovel that deals reduced damage to Crown Towers.”

Miner is a legendary card that players can unlock once they reach Arena 4 in PEKKA's Playhouse. He is a single-target melee troop with moderate amounts of damage and Hit Points. It currently costs 3 Elixir to play a Miner card.

The Miner card can be placed anywhere in the arena. Wherever it is placed, Miner travels to that particular part of the arena by digging a tunnel underground, which prevents enemies or towers from inflicting damage upon him.

Miner was added on May 3, 2016 with the May 2016 update. Being a legendary card, it currently has 14 levels. Additionally, Miner is the only legendary troop that can be placed anywhere in the Arena.

Statistics of Miner

  • Cost- 3 Elixir
  • Hit Speed- 1.2 seconds
  • Speed- Fast(90)
  • Deploy Time- 1 second
  • Range-Melee: Medium
  • Target- Ground
  • Count- x1
  • Transport- Ground
  • Type- Troop
  • Rarity- Legendary

Overall, Miner is a very good legendary card in Clash Royale that pairs well with troops like Mega Knight, Goblin Barrel, and Graveyard. In case of a scenario with an enemy tower having very low Hit Points, it can be quite useful if the player has very little time left since Miner is the perfect troop to send directly to the enemy tower to claim a win. It is a completely worthy card to invest in for high-level upgrades.