COD Mobile anniversary update: Season 11 release date and patch notes

Image Credits: Bobby Plays / YouTube
Image Credits: Bobby Plays / YouTube
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With the current season coming to an end, fans have been hyped for the much-awaited Season 11 of COD Mobile. With each update, the developers add several new features like maps, weapons, and more for the players to relish.

Moreover, this game recently celebrated its first anniversary. Therefore, it is expected that this update will bring in something special for users.

On its Facebook page, Garena COD Mobile posted a note regarding the Season 11 update of the game, which read:

“As our anniversary fiesta looms closer, this update is special and will be vital in you having the complete fiesta experience. So, remember to get near a stable network for the update! In this update, we bring a smorgasbord of anniversary exclusive events, features, and updates. Particularly, we made lots of optimizations and improvements to the game based on your feedback.”

COD Mobile Season 11: Anniversary update release date and patch notes

As mentioned earlier, Garena COD Mobile had posted a note that consisted of the patch notes and release date for the anniversary update.

According to the devs, the update will hit the servers on 12th October, i.e., today. It is set to bring in two new weapons — Fennec and NA45 — and a new map, named King.

Here are some of the patch notes:

  • New ranked mode series rewards
  • New events
  • New battle pass available on 15th October
  • Changes in MP and BR modes (Multiplayer and Battle Royale)
  • New attachments
  • Blueprint adjustments

Gamers can click here to read the detailed patch notes.

Apart from this, the developers have brought in several optimisations and improvements into the game. Also, a new ranked series will start upon completion of the current one.

The Season 1 Battle Pass will begin on 15th October. Therefore, players are recommended to claim all rewards before the current one ends.

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