COD Mobile: Best loadout for the new Crossbow secondary in Season 7

Unlock the new secondary weapon, Crossbow, for free in COD Mobile Season 7 (Image via Call of Duty Mobile)
Unlock the new secondary weapon, Crossbow, for free in COD Mobile Season 7 (Image via Call of Duty Mobile)
Avhinandan Chakraborty

COD Mobile Season 7 is on a high as a brand new weapon has been launched in the game - and it is another secondary weapon. After the release of the Shorty in Season 6, COD Mobile players did not expect to receive another secondary weapon the following season. However, the game is full of surprises and now players have a Crossbow to use in multiplayer and Battle Royale matches.

The Crossbow can only be unlocked via a grind in COD Mobile. Players need to complete a few missions before they can lay their hands on the brand new secondary weapon.

The Crossbow in COD Mobile: An overview

The Crossbow in COD Mobile is a direct replica of the Modern Warfare 2019 version of the weapon. It is a high-risk, high reward weapon, which means if players miss their shots, they might be in danger of dying. However, unlike the Shorty, the Crossbow has the ability to kill enemies with a single shot in all ranges of combat.

There are three unique bolt attachments available with this new weapon. Apart from the default arrow, players can attach the Thermite bolts, Gas Grenade bolts or Stick Grenade bolts. These are all extremely toxic attachments but can also be fun to use in the right matches.

On the whole, it is a difficult weapon to use but extremely satisfying to get kills with.

Best Gunsmith loadout for Crossbow in COD Mobile Season 7

The best way to build the Crossbow would be to focus on reducing the ADS time and increasing the bullet speed, so that players can hit shots at long range. There is also a noticeable bullet drop that players need to keep in mind while using the weapon.


Below are all the attachments players need to equip for a high mobility and quick shooting Crossbow in COD Mobile:

  • Underbarrel - Foregrip
  • Laser - OWC Laser Tactical
  • Stock - Watcher Stock
  • Bowstring - 28 Bowstring
  • Limb - Heavy Limb

Players can also consider the Full Ammo perk since the Crossbow only has a few bolts to start with. The Crossbow can be unlocked for free throughout the entire duration of Season 7 of COD Mobile.

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