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COD Mobile: How to reach the Legendary tier quickly

Image Credits: HawksNest / YouTube
Image Credits: HawksNest / YouTube
Modified 05 Oct 2020, 15:56 IST

COD Mobile is quite competitive, like the other games of its genre on the mobile platform. It consists of a ranked system in both the major modes — multiplayer and battle royale, and gamers desire to reach higher tiers and be the best among their peers.

Reaching the higher ranks in Call of Duty: Mobile also has several other perks, like better season-end rewards and tier rewards. Legendary is the top-most rank in this title, and you need to have over 6500 Rank XP to reach this level. 

This article provides several tips to achieve this tier in COD Mobile quickly.

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Tips to attain the Legendary rank quickly in COD Mobile

#1 Training

To improve your mechanical skills, including shooting and movement, you must practice in non-ranked matches or private room games with friends. It is not necessary to grind for hours together, but just put in that constant effort.

Also, it is better if you play a few practice games, i.e., non-ranked matches, before playing the ranked ones, so that you get the hang of the in-game mechanisms and are ready for giving your best.


#2 Layout

One of the common mistakes you are bound to make, especially if new to COD Mobile, which prevents you from pushing your rank, is copying other players’ layout, which doesn’t bear any fruit. It just makes you more confused and yields no results, if not muddling up your gameplay even more.

Changing the layout frequently hinders progress when you are trying to reach the higher tiers. You must set your layout according to your comfort and the device that you are using. Also, stay constant with the same to get good at using it.

#3 Loadout

Loadout is another critical factor that affects your rank push. After the gunsmith update, you have the option to totally overhaul your weapons with loads of attachments. This helps in equipping yourself with the best and most-suited weapons.

Having the correct accessories plays a vital role if you are to improve in your overall gameplay. Moreover, you have to choose the category of weapons and perks depending on your style of play, which will go a long way in improving your in-game stats and performances.

Also, in ranked multiplayer games, you have to use features like scorestreaks and operator skills appropriately. You also have to pick the BR classes wisely.

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Published 05 Oct 2020, 15:56 IST
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