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COD Mobile: How to win Solo vs Squad in Battle Royale mode

Call of Duty: Mobile (Image via Activision)
Call of Duty: Mobile (Image via Activision)
Modified 02 Apr 2021

When it comes to providing a great gaming experience along with tough competition, COD Mobile takes the cake. There are hardly any competitors for COD Mobile on the mobile platform in providing high-end graphics and an intense battle-filled environment.

With the increase in user base, the competition has further raked up. Players who are familiar with the game are the only ones who can master it. Winning is a tough nut to crack when it comes to Battle Royale mode. Still, some players take up the challenge of solo vs squad and end up winning it.

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This may sound difficult, but it is definitely not an impossible task.

How to win Solo vs Squad in COD Mobile BR mode

Players will have to master the controls and guns to leave a mark and should tick the following boxes to make sure they claim victory:

Proper practice before the game

Players can practice in the practice range
Players can practice in the practice range

To get comfortable with the controls, players can take the help of Practice Range in MP mode. The practice of aiming at a moving target will be really fruitful. Other than this, players can work on their movement in MP mode matches.


Customize BR Mode controls

Settings > Controls > BR mode" height="400" width="800" />
Settings > Controls > BR mode

In COD Mobile, the control's layout can be customized by the players as per their comfort. They can also switch on the gyroscope for better control. Additionally, adjusting the fire button and scope might be helpful.

Choose the desired Class

Desired Class can be equipped just before the match
Desired Class can be equipped just before the match

Players should choose a Class that they are comfortable with. Out of freely available Classes in COD Mobile, "Ninja" is quite helpful as players can easily escape with the aid of this class.

Where to drop

Click on map icon to maximize it
Click on map icon to maximize it

Players can drop at their desired point on COD Mobile's map, but the place must have enough loot and fewer players. Players should not engage in any fight before equipping desired guns and armors. Spot the enemies and retreat if there is any threat.

Equip the ARs or LMGs and use medics continuously

Players should go for ARs
Players should go for ARs

Players need to look for LMGs and ARs as preferred guns as these guns deal high damage on a wide range with enough amount of rounds. Players also have to check and reload the guns constantly.

Their gameplay shouldn't be overly aggressive or defensive. Moderate and balanced gameplay should be adopted.

After engaging with each enemy, players should retreat to a safer place. The use of medkits, bandaids, adrenaline, and armor plates is a must for survival. Players shouldn't rush towards Airdrops without having an eye at their surroundings.

Equipping weapons with available attachments can also prove to be helpful in the long run.

Try to survive

Battle Royale mode is all about survival, especially when it is a solo vs squad. This aspect of the game should not be ignored. Rushing in the game might result in doors getting shut, and players must survive till the last safe zone to aid their skills.

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Published 02 Apr 2021, 00:15 IST
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