COD Mobile: New Rewind class in BR mode might arrive in Season 4

A new BR Class was seen in COD Mobile Test Servers (Image via Samurai Cyber Gaming YouTube channel)
A new BR Class was seen in COD Mobile Test Servers (Image via Samurai Cyber Gaming YouTube channel)

There are many types of tactical equipment and skills that players can use according to their gameplay strategy in COD Mobile. The battle royale's classes play a significant role in the tactical aspect of the game.

COD Mobile's Season 3 saw a new BR mode addition in the form of the Spotter class, and recent leaks suggest a new BR class addition could be on the way in Season 4.

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The new class will be called "Rewind," and it class may feature time travel abilities. Players spotted the Rewind class and other new features in COD Mobile's Public Test Build for Season 4. Although there has been no official confirmation from the developers so far, it could be announced in the next community update.

How to use the new BR class, and when will it arrive in COD Mobile?

Image via ParkerTheSlayer Clips YouTube channel
Image via ParkerTheSlayer Clips YouTube channel

Use of the Class

"Rewind" was spotted in older leaks and was previously named 'Time Traveler' class. Although the class was unavailable for use previously, many test server gameplay videos have surfaced on the internet now. Players can use this class once its initial recharge completes, followed by the activation of the abilities for a limited time frame.

Then, the recharge will reset and the process will continue. Players can further upgrade the class with the in-game class driver chip available in BR games. Here are the two expected abilities of the BR Class "Rewind" in COD Mobile Season 4:

  • Glitch: Allows players to teleport to a location from five seconds prior. HP and movement speed will reset.
  • Tactical Mask: Reduces the impact duration of Flashbang grenade and Concussion Grenade by 40%.

Hence, players can actually rewind time and go back to their location from five seconds earlier. Apart from that, players will be able to don a tactical mask to reduce the effects of Flashbang and Concussion grenades.

In-game arrival

The "Spotter" class was the only Class addition in COD Mobile Season 3, and it arrived in the last phase of the season. So, judging by this, the "Rewind" class could enter the fray via an in-game event in the second half of COD Mobile Season 4.

However, nothing is confirmed, and there is a slight chance that the "Rewind" class may not make it in time for Season 4 of COD Mobile. For additional COD Mobile Season 4 leaks, players can click here.

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