COD Mobile Season 11 weapon patch notes: All nerfs and buffs 

COD Mobile Season 11's meta might be shifting towards SMG this season. (Image via Activision)
COD Mobile Season 11's meta might be shifting towards SMG this season. (Image via Activision)

COD Mobile Season 11 is out and players can explore all the new content that has been added to this winter-themed season. They can also unlock the exclusive Battle Pass for Season 11, which has 50 tiers of content, including four epic operator skins and five epic weapon blueprints.

Since it is a new season, weapons have also received new buffs and nerfs. The existing meta has been changed and players will have to adapt to the new one in multiplayer and Battle Royale.

The World Championships have ended, and with it, the Type-25 meta has been put to rest. The Type-25 is still a viable weapon this season but players will want to switch to other dynamic guns like the CBR4 and HS0405 in COD Mobile.

All nerfs and buffs in the official COD Mobile Season 11 Patch Notes



  • Base Get-Hit flinch reduced
  • Recoil adjustment, optimize the abrupt trajectory to the upper right, so that the recoil is more steady when firing continuously.

Kilo Bolt-Action

  • Base ADS Time: 0.4 -> 0.38
  • MIP Extended Light Barrel: ADS Time: +10% -> +7%
  • OWC Ranger Barrel: ADS Time: +15% -> +12%
  • OWC Marksman Barrel: ADS Time: +15% -> +12%


  • Hipfire Bullet Spread reduced
  • ADS Bullet Spread reduced

500gr Slug

  • New effect: Reduce ADS spread
  • Enhance effect: Damage Range

Scorestreaks - Stealth Chopper

Stealth Chopper’s defense is slightly improved.

Bug Fixes

Battle Royale


  • Fixed an issue where the BR general accuracy bonus did not take effect on R9-0
  • Hipfire and ADS bullet spread: Compared to MP, reduced by 30%


  • Updated the models of boulders on Hovec Sawmill

Players will notice the prevalence of shotguns this season. With the HS0405 buffed, the KRM-262 and By15 will also be a distinct part of the meta this season. The COD Mobile World Championship matches were a fine example of how destructive shotguns can be even in respawn matches.

The new Munitions Box operator skill will also be useful in Season 11. The Stealth Chopper has been buffed up and players can expect Persistence users to abuse their extra health in Domination and Hardpoint matches in COD Mobile.