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COD Mobile Season 2: How to unlock Zero from Rainy day Crate

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)
Modified 06 Apr 2021

Many new special operators were introduced in COD Mobile Season 2, which are either a part of the Battle Pass or are available for sale in Crates and Lucky Draw. A special operator based on a playable COD: Black Ops 4 character Leni "Zero" Vogel was also featured in "Rainy Day Crate" of COD Mobile.

Zero can be procured by buying these crates, but it cannot be claimed straightaway as rewards are random for every buy.

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How to get Zero from Rainy Day Crate in COD Mobile

Zero in its default uniform (Image via Activision)
Zero in its default uniform (Image via Activision)

Zero is featured in a paid crate which can be bought with the help of COD points. Players have to fill up their COD Mobile account with enough COD points before the process.

Players should follow the following steps:

Step 1. Open COD Mobile.

Step 2. Tap on the store to open "Crates."

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)

Step 3. Click on "Rainy Day Crate" to see the rewards and details of the Crate.

Rainy Day Crate in Store (Image via Activision)
Rainy Day Crate in Store (Image via Activision)

Step 4. Each crate will cost 30 COD points and will give random rewards from the prize pool. All subsequent turns or buys will cost equally, and rewards will be random.

All the rewards belong to distinct classes as per their rarity in COD Mobile. Players can also buy 10 crates at a time with a payment of 270 COD points.

Details of the Crate (Image via Activision)
Details of the Crate (Image via Activision)

Since the rewards procured will be random, Zero cannot be claimed straightaway. Players have to continue this process until the operator is procured.

What are the rewards?

Rewards in Rainy Day Crate (Image via Activision)
Rewards in Rainy Day Crate (Image via Activision)

Each reward has a certain percent of the odds initially and will change after each purchase. After opening a certain number of crates, the players will reach specific milestones, which will guarantee the reward of an indicated rarity in the next opening.

Only duplicate protected items will be removed from the prize pool after procurement. Removal of duplicate protected items will increase the odds of other items in the prize pool.

Here's the list of rewards with their initial odds:

Duplicate Protected rewards:

  • Zero - 1.00%
  • Byte Me - 1.25% odds

Rewards that are not duplicate protected:

  • Battery in Droplets uniform - 4.00%
  • Backpack1 - Droplets - 5.00%
  • Boat - Droplets - 5.00%
  • Patched In Frame - 5.00%
  • Backpack1 - E-Waste - 6.75%
  • Helicopter - E-Waste - 6.75%
  • Motorcycle - E-Waste - 6.75%
  • Wingsuit - E-Waste - 6.75%
  • Parachute - E-Waste - 6.75%
  • Medic - E-Waste - 6.75%
  • Clown - E-Waste - 7.50%
  • Defender - E-Waste - 7.50%
  • Ninja - E-Waste - 7.50%
  • Mechanic - E-Waste - 7.50%
  • Scout - E-Waste - 7.50%

After procurement of rewards and Zero from the crate, players can show off the same in matches. Players can also check out other crates and rewards from the COD Mobile store.

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Published 06 Apr 2021, 00:19 IST
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