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COD Mobile Season 2 leaks: New Zombie Mode, new Operators, Alcatraz returning, and much more

Image Via Activision
Image Via Activision
Modified 26 Mar 2021

Activision recently leaked some of the finer details about COD Mobile Season 2. This has the community buzzing with excitement as players are eager to experience all the changes to this beloved title.

Developers have made ample changes to the game in the recent update. So far, these changes have been widely accepted by COD Mobile players.

However, a new update is on the horizon once again. According to the recent leaks, a New Zombie Mode with new Operators, new maps, and other features are set to be introduced to the game.

Everything to know about the upcoming Zombie Mode in COD Mobile

There have been no official announcements yet, but leaks from various sources point to a few key details about distinct aspects expected in the game.

Release Date:

The game is currently in beta testing. It is expected to be available next month at Easter once the current battle pass season ends.


The following are some of the species that have been leaked about the upcoming update.


#1 - Changes made in Game and Lobby

Some display changes are expected in the 'Loadout' and 'Player Profile' menu.

#2 - New map in Multiplayer Mode

Two new maps are speculated to be added to multiplayer mode. One is called Monastery, and the other is Coastal City.

#3 - Weapon Upgrade

Players can upgrade their weapons and their skill according to their ranks.

#4 - New Rank Icons

Players will be able to see some new rank icons in the upcoming Zombie Mode. This will be taken from the Chinese beta test files.

#5 - Maps for Zombie Mode


The Shi No Numa map, known as the Zombie Map, is expected in-game. Certain details about the map were leaked as well.

#6 - List of Weapons in Zombie Mode

Players can only use the following weapons in Zombie Mode:

  • Echo
  • SP-R 208
  • QXR
  • AS VAL
  • BK-57
  • MSMC
  • HG40
  • HS 0405
  • PDW-57
  • RUS-79U
  • AK 47
  • J358
  • AK117
  • BY15
  • Type 25
  • M16
  • Chopper
  • Trip Mine
  • Frag Grenade

#7 - Zombie Mode Battlepass

This will be similar in style to a regular Battle Pass in COD Mobile. However, there are some notable differences. When completing tasks, players will be able to receive rewards.

Players can watch this video to learn more about the upcoming Zombie Mode in COD Mobile:

The excitement regarding the new zombie mode has already started to grow among players of the title. However, we can expect to learn more about this upcoming COD Mobile update soon.

Published 26 Mar 2021, 14:37 IST
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