COD Mobile: Top 5 game-breaking BR mode glitches in Season 3

COD Mobile Season 3 - Tokyo Escape (Image via Activision)
COD Mobile Season 3 - Tokyo Escape (Image via Activision)
Rishab Chakladar

COD Mobile: Tokyo Escape was launched a few days ago. Within a week, Activision received praise from COD Mobile lovers.

With every new update, Activision comes up with numerous new features. The developers do their best to keep the game fresh and entertaining with new maps, weapons, game modes, and more.

On the flipside, gamers are also experiencing some bugs and glitches while playing the title. It is sometimes funny and sometimes frustrating.

Top 5 BR mode glitches in COD Mobile Season 3:

Like every other time, players have found out some of the glitches and bugs in COD Mobile's new season. Players have already tried to pull the notice of the developers seeking the fix for these bugs.

Here are the top 5 glitches in COD Mobile BR Mode:

#1 - Zombies not dying:

It's one of the funniest bugs players have witnessed in recent times. Any player using zombie class or in-game Boss at the farm doesn't die after killing. It just stands there.

Image Via YouTube/AnonymousYT
Image Via YouTube/AnonymousYT

#2 - Arbitrary aim-shift glitch:

In BR mode, players need to be ready to fight from all ranges. For long-range fights, players prefer firing with ADS. But after the new update, the crosshairs automatically shift while opening ADS. It is very frustrating for a player in a match.

Problems with ADS [Image Via Actision]
Problems with ADS [Image Via Actision]

#3 - Tank glitch:

On multiple occasions, players can enter a tank that has been destroyed. Players can use that as a shield from enemy bullets.

New Tank Glitch [Image Via YouTube/Badwolf Gaming]
New Tank Glitch [Image Via YouTube/Badwolf Gaming]

#4 - Flying after getting out of a bike:

When players get out of their bikes, they automatically start flying for a few seconds before landing at a different spot. It interrupts the flow of the game and can cause trouble for the players.

[Image Via]
[Image Via]

#5 - Mid-air glitch:

Another funny bug in the game. It allows people to fly before the opening of the parachute.

Mid-air Glitch [Image Via Activision]
Mid-air Glitch [Image Via Activision]

The players have already requested that the developers find some solutions to glitches in COD Mobile Season 3. Activision always tries to keep their gamers happy and comes up with a quick fix for every problem. Players can expect the same this time.

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