COD Mobile: Popular YouTuber hints at Night Mode coming to BR soon

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)

Night mode in COD Mobile was a temporary multiplayer mode added back in November 2020 for a specific featured event.

Once the event ended, it was taken down by the developers. After that, although its return was reassured, nothing was ever officially announced.

Many fans requested for Night Mode to be introduced to the Battle Royale, albeit to no avail. But this time, it looks like Night Mode is finally set to make a return to the game, and that too in BR Mode.

Recently, in a COD Mobile gameplay video, popular Youtuber and Streamer, ParkerTheSlayer, hinted at the mode's return in a similar setting to that of the Classic BR game. Here's the Gameplay video:


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Return of Night Mode to COD Mobile in Season 3

Night Mode was last seen in COD Mobile Season 12 (Image via Activision)
Night Mode was last seen in COD Mobile Season 12 (Image via Activision)

As mentioned above, Night mode was last seen in Season 12 and was a time-limited mode. Its return has been confirmed by Activision's official Blog regarding COD Mobile Season 3: Tokyo Escape. It is mentioned that Night Mode will be featured in Season 3 as a new iteration of the previous one.

The availability of this as a Battle Royale mode is yet to be confirmed. Even ParkerTheSlayer, in his Youtube Video, was quoted to have said:

"The next change would be almost like a night-time map. If I was to go on and make a guess, I could see them (Devs) pulling that off here (BR). Not in Season 3, but like in Season 4."

However, he did mention that it was just a guess and not a reveal. Here's what is known about the new Night Mode in COD Mobile:

Night Mode

Night Mode will feature a dark setting where players will have to be equipped with night-vision goggles. These goggles will run on batteries, and as the batteries drain, players will have to recharge them to ensure clean vision in the dark.

This is expected to be a multiplayer mode featuring 5v5 combat situations. More details are yet to be revealed.

Besides Night Mode, a melee-oriented mode is also expected to arrive in COD Mobile, where players will have to battle it out with only melee weapons and throwables. Two new multiplayer maps are also coming to the game. Here's the official tweet from COD Mobile:

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