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Streamer Wagnificent banned from COD Warzone live on stream 

(Image Credit: Activision)
(Image Credit: Activision)
Modified 03 Oct 2020, 11:58 IST

On Monday, thousands of Warzone bans were sent out by Activision and Infinity Ward in a mass effort to curb cheating and clean up the game. Cheaters have been a problem in Warzone for some time, and streamers have, time and again, complained and posted videos about such players.

Activision continues ban users in an attempt to detect the software. The effort paved its way to a new software before Monday, which is what led to the massive wave of bans.

COD Warzone streamer Wagnificent banned in wave of 20,000

According to Video Games Chronicle, the 20,000-player ban was kicked off when a new cheat software was stopped. The cheat in question was from EngineOwning. The cheat was pushed as one that could remain undetected in Warzone, and it did for some time. There were even claims that it could remain undetected by streamers in Warzone as well. Their site now concedes the fact that the cheat is no longer undetectable, and is unsafe to use in Warzone or any Modern Warfare game modes.

Part of that wave of bans was Warzone streamer, Nick 'Wagnificnet' Wagner. On Tuesday, for the launch of Warzone Season 6, Wagner was streaming when he was abruptly banned during the match he was playing. It wasn't a warning or a suspension, but a permanent ban on his account. He was clearly confused about the action and about what to do next on stream.

The controversy began when Call of Duty news site Charlie Intel published an article about Wagnificent being banned for using the EngineOwning cheat. There were in fact, no official sources for the cause of Wagnificent's ban, and he tweeted out clear frustration over the claims. Others came to support him over the claims of cheating, including Clint 'Maven' Evans.

At the time of this writing, Charlie Intel has doubled down on their claims. They have now cited Vice as another outlet reporting the same thing, and they claimed that sources familiar to this reported to Motherboard that the ban was cheat related. Like before though, it should be noted that there are no official sources yet.


Wagnificent of course, has denied all accusations of using the EngineOwning cheat. It's still possible that he was accidentally banned, especially in the midst of such a large wave of user bans. It isn't exactly unheard of to hand out accidental bans. Until there is an official statement on the matter, both sides will claim their own story.

Published 02 Oct 2020, 23:53 IST
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