Coin Master free spin link (January 7): How to get free spins

Reward links grant free spins or gold or a combination of the two. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Reward links grant free spins or gold or a combination of the two. (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Coin Master players have another reason to celebrate this Friday as a new rewards link has gone live. Users can get an extra 25 spins (minimum) for free by accessing this link.

Users should note that these reward links do not grant each player the same reward. The amount of rewards each player will receive is directly linked to their level of progress in Coin Master. If a new player were to access today's link they would receive 25 spins. High-level players doing the same can receive anywhere between 150-300 extra spins.

Players can access today's gifts by clicking here on the device they use to play Coin Master. The reward link was announced via the following tweet:

A look at Coin Master's rewards system

WOW! Amazing Vikings! You really know your villages! 🥳E is indeed the letter missing to complete the name! Congrats to our lucky winners💗💗julius isiderioFolasade ArasanyinEnjoy those rewards! 🤩

Moon Active's reasoning regarding the implementation of the 'higher level-higher rewards' pattern

Coin Master's developer, Moon Active, has explained the reasoning behind the system's 'higher level-higher rewards.' While deciding the building costs of various villages, the developers have a fixed idea about how the rank progression will work in the game. This will be disturbed by the reward links granting everyone the same reward.

New players will be able to rank up too fast if granted the same rewards as their more experienced counterparts, and advanced players would have no use for that small reward if they are granted the same as new players.

Coin Master's pattern of releasing two reward links a week

Users should also note that even though Coin Master reward links are single-use, there are no restrictions on the number of reward links that players can benefit from.

For example, Coin Master has maintained a flow of at least two links per week over the last month. Players can make use of each of these links even now, as they are still active.

Additionally, Coin Master developers often celebrate special occasions like Halloween and New Year's Day by sending out tweets that contain reward links.

Nothing like celebrating the Sweet New Year than with a gift! 🎁Snag yours up -->
What are you waiting for?! ...Grab this gift!! 🤩-->

The effectiveness of the reward links and the community's participation

The Coin Master community is always quick on the heels of every reward link that is released on the Twitter handle, which has resulted in the official Coin Master handle having over a million active followers.

Many high-level players often take to Reddit and other forums to advise beginners on the value one can generate from effectively using reward links. Utilizing all reward links has been shown to significantly boost the pace of ranking up in Coin Master.

Players who are competing with their friends should definitely keep track of these links to get an extra advantage.

Coin Master developers have also made it clear that the two-reward-links-a-week pattern, which began in December, is scheduled to go on for the foreseeable future.

Our caveman is hard at work carving this dino! 🦖Tell us which sketch is a matching replica for a chance to snag 700 spins!

Players can often find contests like the one shown above on the same official Coin Master Twitter handle. These are equally useful in getting free spins as the rewards on offer are much bigger, even if the probability of winning is considerably lesser. Consistent participation in these contests is an excellent method to win big.

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