Corpse Husband's alleged face reveal is taking TikTok by storm: Here is what really happened

Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband's fans were fooled into believing that he had done a face reveal.
Rishabh B.
Modified 30 Apr 2021

Corpse Husband recently posted a teaser for his upcoming song on TikTok, featuring what fans initially thought was a “face-reveal.”

Corpse Husband is a YouTuber/musician who started out as a horror-narrator. He has multiple medical conditions, including GERD, that has resulted in the deep, mysterious voice that he first blew up in popularity for.

The YouTuber has, until now, not revealed a lot of information about his identity, and is a “faceless content creator.” The TikTok teaser generated a lot of interest from fans, despite the fact that it was, in truth, an animated clip that Corpse Husband had posted.

Corpse Husband posts music-teaser featuring animated “face-reveal,” takes social media by storm

Corpse Husband posted the above clip on TikTok, hinting at upcoming music. As can be seen in the video, the teaser also said that the clip had been produced by Animator “Adeci.” A tweet regarding the teaser was retweeted by the animator too, as seen below.

However, fans got fooled due to the lifelike animation in the clip and were initially under the impression that Corpse Husband had just done a face reveal. Multiple fans seemed excited because they thought they had just seen their favorite YouTuber’s face for the first time ever.

People even commented on his “looks” and called Corpse Husband attractive. However, most fans eventually realized that the entire clip was animated and that it did not feature Corpse Husband’s real face.

Image via The Corpse Squad, YouTube
Image via The Corpse Squad, YouTube
Image via The Corpse Squad, YouTube
Image via The Corpse Squad, YouTube
Image via The Corpse Squad, YouTub
Image via The Corpse Squad, YouTub

Corpse Husband had earlier revealed during a live stream that he “hated” his face and has previously indulged in “self-harm.” He has teased a face-reveal multiple times, but fans were forced to satisfy themselves with a handwriting reveal and a “hair-reveal” instead.

For now, Corpse Husband’s fans do not have a lot of information about his personal life, although he has revealed some information about his troubled family history in the past. For more information about Corpse Husband’s family life, the linked articles can be read.

As far as his music career is concerned, Corpse Husband has posted a total of nine original songs on Spotify till date. He has around 4.7 million monthly active listeners and last released the song “Daywalker!,” in collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly, in March 2021. That was his second song of the year, as the YouTuber had also released the song “Agoraphobic” in January 2021. The latest teaser on TikTok did not reveal the name of the upcoming song, or the release-date.

Published 30 Apr 2021
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