Corpse Husband left in shambles after Sykkuno outplays him in First Class Trouble

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar

First Class Trouble is the latest survival game that Corpse Husband and Thomas, also known as Sykkuno, have begun playing. In one of their most recent First Class Trouble games, Corpse Husband was left in shambles after Sykunno outplayed him with ease.

Both streamers are known for their intelligent plays when it comes to Among Us. Seeing Sykkuno execute something of a similar skill level in this game is nothing short of amazing. What's more wondrous is the way Sykkuno reacts to everything.


Sykkuno outplays Corpse Husband in First Class Trouble


In the game, Sykkuno is wandering about, looking for his next kill, when he comes across Corpse Husband. They engaged in friendly banter with Corpse Husband asking Sykkuno if he planned on killing him. Sykkuno denied it but kept up with the chase, ultimately killing Corpse Husband.

Sykkuno apologized many times before killing Corpse Husband and said it was a try-hard game. Corpse Husband can also be heard slamming the desk after being killed in First Class Trouble.

First Class Trouble is a basic survival game, just like Among Us. The plot revolves around a few humans who try to survive the onslaught of an AI. The humans in the game need to shut down the AI while the AI has a few human-looking robots tasked with eliminating the humans.


The game is still in early access on Steam but has received very positive reviews. Although the gameplay mechanics borrow a lot from Among Us, the theme is entirely different.

The incidents in Among Us and First Class Trouble both happen on an intergalactic spaceship, but the enemies are different.

As suggested in the early access trailer, First Class Trouble has six-player lobbies for now. This number may go up once the game goes live completely.


Among Us is a very popular social deduction game. Although its popularity may have declined over the past few months, the game paved the way for more social deduction games to rise.

These social deduction games have been instrumental in removing boundaries and providing people with the social interaction they need during the pandemic, and they continue doing so.

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