Corpse Husband's fans get emotional as he sounds exhausted in heartfelt audio clip

Corpse Husband recently posted an audio clip on Twitter
Corpse Husband recently posted an audio clip on Twitter
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Corpse Husband recently took to Twitter to post an appreciative audio message, thanking fans for their undying support.

However, it left fans concerned for his health as he sounded exhausted and devoid of any enthusiasm.

Corpse Husband has been going through a rough patch lately, especially on the health front. The streamer's struggle with chronic illness seems to have worsened and, it appears to have taken a toll on his mood in general.

The 23-year old recently provided an update on Twitter about his next stream, where he sounded fatigued:

From thanking fans for being patient with him to dealing with undue criticism that often comes their way, Corpse Husband shared a rather poignant message about the temporality of his career.

"It feels somewhat fulfilling to have made this much of a difference in people's lives from my room. Whether it ends tomorrow or the next day, I'm grateful for what has happened so far."

Throughout the message, the faceless YouTuber seemed in the midst of a stupor, almost on the brink of falling asleep.

Because of this, several fans took to Twitter to reassure him of their support, expressing concern over his health.

Corpse Husband shares heartfelt message for fans


Corpse Husband recently announced that his single, Agoraphobic, would be available on Spotify, thereby joining his immensely popular E-Girls Are Ruining My Life.

While most fans expressed excitement over this development, others have noticed a change in his general demeanor, which seems to be a bit off these days.

This can be linked to his recent diagnosis, where the doctors informed him that he would most likely have to rely upon injections for the rest of his life, as his chronic illness seems to be showing no signs of improvement.

Keeping that in mind, fans took to Twitter to extend support to him as they feared for his physical and mental health, becoming emotional in the process:

With his recent tweet, Corpse Husband seems to have struck an emotional chord with his fans, who have come out in tremendous support to reassure him that they are not going anywhere.

Dealing with a crippling illness can undoubtedly take a toll on one's well-being. The kind of support and appreciation that Corpse Husband commands online can help alleviate some of the stress of dealing with it alone.

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